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From his unique crafts of choice, to the best and worst things of life on the road and a little insight to his favourite places for adventure, come on in and see what our ambassador, Jack Lynch, has been up to over Summer.

Jack, what’s been happening?
Not too much, I’ve just been cruising around in Byron over the Summer. Pretty good time to be there as the swell has been pretty pumping the whole summer really. I went to Falls Festival and caught some sick bands there like Mac DeMarco and Paul Kelly. That’s really about it.

Tell us about your craft of choice. Any particular boards that you are digging at the moment?
I just got a new Bonzer, 7’0 Russ short model from Campbell brothers, that’s probably my go-to board at the moment, really enjoying that. Also been riding a 9’4 from Corey Munn Dream Machine Log, it’s my go-to longboard, and then a bunch of other fun 6’0’s and single fins.

The 101 South” looked like a sick surf trip, as did the “Wrecked” trip. What’s the best thing about working on these projects?
I reckon one of the best things about working on them is that I get to work with my really good friend Nate. I’m able to have pretty solid creative control and produce a clip or group of images that we are really stoked with and make stuff that fully represents what we are all about.

You’re on the road a lot, what are the best things about that?
The best thing about being on the road is actually being on the road! Not being in the one spot all the time or getting tied down anywhere. It’s all about travelling, meeting new people, eating new food and drinking different types of beer… And, of course, surfing new spots all the time.

What’s the worst things?
Airports! When you are tired and stuck somewhere sitting around in an airport and all you want to do is go home and go to bed but you can’t! Or having to drive all through the night to get somewhere or get home.

What’s in the woodwork for 2016?
Well I am going on a trip down to the south coast which I am pretty excited about, should be good. Then maybe a Winter trip to Tassie or something. I then have a trip to Japan coming up in May. I’ve never been there so I love the idea of going there and spending some time in Tokyo. I have heard really good reports about it. I’m pretty psyched for that.

What will we catch you doing outside of the surf?
Usually outside of surf I will go for a skate, listen to some records or sit around and talk about music with my friends. Just kind of cruising around and taking it easy.

Do you like to play music?
No I can’t play at all but love to listen to it. I listen to a lot of music and am really into it, but just can’t play it. Just don’t have the rhythm I guess!

Who do you look to for inspiration in your surfing?
I look to a lot of older surfers and older styles of surfing. People like Nat Young, Mickey Dora and Russ Short because of his surfing on the Bonzer when they were first kind of invented and that type of stuff. There is this sick clip of him riding his Bonzer in Mexico in 1978 I think, he’s sick. Other people would be my peers and other people I Iook up to like Al Kost, Jared Mel, etc.

Who are the crew that you usually cruise with?
Usually with a bunch friends from Byron that live in town or the other boys that live and surf here like Creed, Alice and my friend Nate. Whoever else is floating around too. We just go and surf every day.

Favourite post surf feed?
Post surf feed would probably have to be a burger from Bella Porto in Byron, its pretty good, the Hawaiian one with chicken, bacon, pineapple and chilli on it!

You’ve been on a heap of trips in your time, tell us about your favourite locations?
Umm, that’s a pretty hard question. Indo is pretty up there, because it’s so cheap and easy and you are guaranteed to get waves there no matter when. You always know Canggu is going to be at least half decent. I really like Sri Lanka too, when I went there that was really enjoyable and the food was really good. The waves were point breaks with no one really around and the elephants were pretty cool. Mexico, going along Baja when I was in America, it’s pretty raw Mexico, its different. I like Tasmania a lot too, it would probably be my favourite spot in Aus really. France is pretty amazing and definitely up there too. The surf wasn’t that great but the culture’s one of my favourites for sure.

By the looks of your Instagram you scored a heap of epic sessions last year, tell us about your favourite session.
It would probably be the sessions I had just before the year ended, at Broken, it was five days of dead east swell and every single day was pumping. It was like ground hog day, every day you would go back and it would be doing the same thing and the same people were out and you would surf all day long. It was so good for so long! Definitely my favourite sessions for the year.

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