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Amy Murphree is equal parts mother and equal parts professional surfer. Currently living in Ricon, Puerto Rico, Amy is a team rider and ambassador for O’Neill women’s.  We had the opportunity to chat to Amy, getting some sound tips for all you aspiring surfer girls out there and a glimpse of the balanced, creative and positive lifestyle Amy breathes everyday!


Tell us a little about where you grew up?
I grew up on Riverview Drive, a stone’s throw from the river, ten blocks from the ocean, underneath ancient live oak trees, spending most of my days riding bikes, skateboarding, chasing boys, wading knee deep in muddy oyster flats and surfing my way up and down a sandy little island called Anastasia, located on the northeast coast of Florida 

You currently live in Rincon, Puerto Rico, you must get great waves!!!
I do! We are blessed to have amazing waves during the northern hemisphere’s winter months. Rincón means corner in Spanish, which translates into beautiful peeling right point breaks, great for beginners or the intermediate to experienced surfer when the swells increase. 

What’s your daily routine?
My daily routine is making sure I make time to stretch, eat healthy, be in the ocean and express my creativity in some way.

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What does the ocean represent for you?

How long have you been involved with women’s surfing?
I’ve been surfing as long as I can remember and was catching waves with no assistance by age six. I remember watching blue crush as a teen and thinking after the boom it created how I’d been doing this for so long and everyone acted like no girls surfed before that movie came out. I started entering amateur competitions at age 16.

You currently ride for O’Neill? Tell us more!
Yes, so stoked to become part of team O’Neill late last year. They have a great vibe, make quality products focused on fashion and fully support women’s surfing. I really feel like I can express my femininity by wearing O’Neill women’s garments, in and out of the water.

How has it felt to come back to surfing after becoming a mum? Has this changed a lot for you?
It is so special to return to surfing after having my baby girl. I took a short break (about four full months) off the board and surprised myself by coming back being even more in love with surfing than before I had her. I feel fit and confident in my surfing ability, still so excited to improve every day. The biggest change is having her on the beach smiling at me when I come in, soon she’ll be out there with me!

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What are the most important things (or should I say life practices) for you?
Gratitude every day, a good stretch or yoga practice each morning, organic food and time spent in the presence of untouched nature.

What was it like surfing competitively?
Surfing competitively, is still part of my life about 3-4 time a year. Dealing with judging inaccuracies is probably the hardest part of competing along with the changing conditions but for me it’s a chance to exceed limits and find places where I can grow and improve my surfing level.

Surfing has been your life’s journey, any tips for young girls wanting to follow their surfing dream?
Keep surfing! Find someone with a camera or link up with other friends who surf and take turns videoing each other. Watching footage of yourself and analyzing technique is the best/quickest way to progress. Remember to enjoy the ride. Surfing is a gift and we have to remember that no matter what contest or sponsor is on the line we are blessed to feel the spirit within the ocean every time we are out there.

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Favorite cuisine?
Mexican style homemade bean burritos or a fresh salad.

Black or White?

You must have travelled to some amazing places to surf? What has been your most memorable trip?
My most memorable trip was to the Canary Islands a few years ago. Tiny little volcanic islands covered in black sand and steep cliffs, with perfect waves and breathtaking views.

What’s next for Amy Murphree?
Motherhood, entrepreneurship, surfing and more surfing ❤

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Written by Leana Rack