WATCH: Jordy Smith Traces Rocky Point

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posted by James Willmott

If you think 2015’s injuries were going to affect Jordy Smith’s surfing in the new year, think again. It’s no secret that Hawaii’s been on the pump as of late, and the South African – now turned Southern Californian local, has been right there apart of all the action with the rest of the world’s best.

In this new fresh-to-net clip, we see Jordy taming Rocky Rights like no other. One would think and easily forget about the unlucky circumstances he faced throughout the 2015 competitive season (he had to pull out of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro due to a deep cut in his foot and a tear in his knee, and then sustained a back injury in the J-Bay Open), especially after a standout session like this one. With his speed, maneuver execution angles and every other key statistic recorded thanks to the Trace Tracker that’s firmly planted on his board, it’s no wonder he came to shore with a grin wider than normal, ready to tell us how it feels to be back in the water.

“I’m just really happy to be surfing again. I’ll literally surf one foot, two foot, ten foot… it doesn’t matter. I’ll surf anything because my froth level’s so high. Being injured for so long makes you appreciate any type of surf conditions. I’ve been so stoked and am trying to make the most of it.”

In the words of Jordy himself: “The technology and analytics of Trace are next level! It provides me with an accurate review of each surf session and the auto edit allows me to see where I am going wrong and how I can perfect my surfing. In my opinion, this is the next step in surfing progression.” 101010001BLK-TRACE-2SHOP NOW BUTTON

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