5 Surf Trip Essentials With Jack Lynch

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posted by James Willmott

We all know the feeling before a surf trip is much like the night before Christmas. Those overwhelming feelings of excitement and anticipation, mixed with the extra nervous feeling that generally kicks in right on departure, wondering if you have forgotten any crucial necessities.

Forget that feeling, because we caught up with our ambassador Jack Lynch to get his choices of 5 quick surf trip essentials to make any trip one to remember. Here are his picks:

1. Quiver of boards
Naturally the first choice for any surf trip. Of course the number of boards, as well as types and sizes varies from surfer to surfer, though if heading away for several weeks at a time (particularly to remote locations in Indonesia, etc.) a minimum of two boards with slightly different templates to accommodate different types of waves is recommended. If you are just starting out and find you’ll be juggling your surfing with other activities, you may find one board is enough. On the other end of the scale, you may be in the water surfing all day, everyday, in which 3 boards plus is better suited.

2. Headphones
Headphones breathe life into a variety of different situations throughout a surf trip. Even if you are with a crew of your best buds, it’s always good to have a good pair handy. They’ll assist with providing the best psych up tracks possible right before your surf, or keep you sane on the long flights or drives. We should also mention that a trusty iPod or similar device obviously goes hand in hand with this one.

3. Wax
Another must-have item for any surf trip. Regardless of the number of boards, shapes or sizes, wax is a necessity. Grab a few cakes and be mindful of what water temperature’s you’ll be surfing to ensure you pick the best wax available. Warm or tropical for warmer waters, cool for cooler waters. Easy.

4. Sunscreen
Maximising your skin’s protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is almost considered religion in the modern surfing world, and therefore is a must for any surf trip. Sure, you may have your long arm wetsuits, tee’s and rashies to help, but always ensure a good coat of sunscreen occurs before each and every session.

5. Boardshorts/Wetsuits
Heading somewhere with warm waters? If so, be sure to grab yourself a few pairs of boardshorts. Why a few pair you ask? Sure, they are great to surf in, but you’ll also find they are great to kick around in, especially places where warm waters and even warmer climates work closely together. From vintage to high performance and everything else in between, ensure they fit nicely around the waist and don’t cause chaffing. There is nothing worse than your boardies falling below your backside and chaffing up your legs when the waves are pumping!

Chasing cooler waters? Grab yourself the appropriate wetsuit to match the water temperatures you’ll be apart of. High performance always is recommended thanks to their supreme quality of materials and sealing systems, which in turn work together to provide maximum warmth. You may find however, top of the line is not for you, in which other wetsuits (which don’t break the bank) are always there to help keep you warm and work wonders.


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