Behind The Brand - The Billabong 'Surf Plus' Collection

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It’s been said that a brand’s clothing line is a true visual personification of the brand itself, and that’s exactly the case for Billabong’s new Surf Plus Collection. Featuring a variety of artistic prints, clean colours, creative cuts and much more, the collection speaks to those guys with more classic, utilitarian tastes. To find out more, we caught up with Billabong’s Design Manager Darcy Wright, to talk every aspect of the epic new Surf Plus Collection.


Hey Darcy! What is your role in the Billabong design team?
Hey guys. I head up the M & D team at Billabong. 

What was the inspiration behind this Billabong Surf Plus Collection?
Timelessness and attention to detail using premium quality fabrics and styling. Every fabric, stitch and trim detail has been crafted with a focus on durability whilst maximising broken-in comfort and quality. Inspired by Gordon Merchants (Billabong founder) constant pursuit of quality and using some of his original design features as a subtle nod to the brand’s heritage.


Describe your work space?
Super bloody clean. Ive got borderline OCD so we keep it tight in here haha. Nah seriously,  Everyone is focused on a common goal and super-motivated and passionate about what we do as a brand and individuals.  I’m very lucky to work with Such a skilled and legendary bunch of humans.

What makes these designs perfect for surfers?
Quality, durability and a really clean and classic aesthetic.

Check out Dave Rastovich in the latest Live From The Greenroom clip wearing the newest Surf Plus threads)

How did you choose the cuts and materials, color palette etc.?
We Start with a POV on the end game in terms of look & feel and then draw inspiration from Gordon’s approach to the billabong design historically. He’s always been hyper focused on quality and representing surfers (as opposed to far-shon). Initially the vibe was somewhat military inspired but with a surf edge and wash treatments to give a really clean and classic look – and the palette lines up with that also – more understated than some of the traditional lines. There’s a real discoverable quality to the line – like you might find a nice hidden trim or functionality in the style after taking it home and wearing it more.

What sets the range apart from others on the market?
We have 40 years of experience and inspiration to draw from. The quality and high level of detail, plus a more subtle approach to branding – the garment is the hero. 


What will we catch you wearing from the collection?
Its hard to pick, I love all that stuff but I have been wearing the Journey Anorak for a while now that thing is mental. It has a really nice washed cotton canvas fabric with a chambray lining and a removable hood. So if you want to evolve the look its easy to take the hood on an off. It also has internal pocketing as well which is such a good feature in a jacket. 

What is the time frame for developing such an epic collection?
We are constantly developing an working on new ideas. Constantly. We never sleep. Haha. (never).


Describe the Billabong design team in 3 words.
passionate and committed. 

If you could nominate any person in the history of mankind (or several people) who would you love to see wearing the collection?
Andy Irons!

Where can we check out the range? 
Right HERE!