5 Days at Bluesfest, by Daniel Small.

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Apart from being a hot spot for hipster surfers, longhair, Bucks and Hens parties, amazing coffee and regrettable tattoos, Byron Bay is arguably the most well situated town on the East Coast of Australia for all things Music festival.

This year was my first ever Bluesfest, and my mum rode shotgun with me for the maiden voyage – massive shout out to the crew at Poler who supported Bluesfest this year and allowed SurfStitch to tag along)

My sidekick selection was a strategic one, as it ensured the depth of our collective music knowledge traveled as far back as the 60’s and that we would, together, have a genuine appreciation for the incredibly eclectic mix of Artists raising the roof over the Easter Weekend.

With a heritage as far back as 1990, the festival now sprawls across a glorious 120 hectare site at the Tyagarah Tea Tree farm situated on the outskirts of Byron. The festival itself hosting more than 200 live performances over a 5 day period to an audience attendance of over 100,000.

The Festival was a glorious excuse for peeps from all walks of life to come together for a shared purpose – to boogie and to spread a little love and laughter.

It didn’t matter what walk of life you hailed from Bluesfest never judges from gypsy to  hippy, surfer to skater, trucky to  bricky, grommet to grandpa, the festival gave you a reason to smile, dance and let your hair down in a safe family friendly environment.

I spent 5 amazing memory filled days with my dear old Mother Duck, but rather than list them all I have thrown together my top 10 highlights for you (In no particular order)!!!

  • Sneaking backstage for The Original Blues Brothers Band and getting caught – only to have the Bouncer apologize for having to politely ask me to leave
  • Losing a dance off to a 60 year old woman during Brian Wilsons Good Vibrations, only to turn and watch my Mum cruise over and restore the family pride…..go Mum
  • Becoming an absolute Kendrick Lamar fan…..absolutely in awe of this man and how he worked the crowd
  • Swaying away to City and Colour whilst finding the voice of Dallas Green to be even more amazing in real life
  • Losing my brand new Ray Bans, only to find them 4 hours later as I was busting a move to The Cat Empire. Now there is a band that just doesn’t look like a band but by god can they get a crowd going!
  • Watching the Eagles of Death Metal in person. A band that was so close to being taken from us still travelling and performing…much respect
  • Discovering Nahko + Medicine for the People, for me these guys were actually the musical highlight of the event. I had never seen them before and was truly inspired by Nahko and his genuine passion for bringing a little more love our planets way
  • Knowing almost every word to every Cold War kids song, even though I hadn’t listened to those guys in ages…treat yourself go and listen to Hang Me Up to Dry
  • Cuddling a complete stranger as I realized I had developed a true and deep love for the charming man that is Tom Jones
  • Making it to Day 5 and being more in love with Music than I was 5 days prior…bravo organizers

Special shout out to a little known band called Hoo8Hoo that performed on the Busking Stage and drew a crowd as big as some of the main acts – absolutely blown away by those two young Sunshine Coast Lads.
See y’all next year…

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