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As day turns to darkness and the chill of winter sets in… A collision of art and science meets the philosophies behind making state-of-the-art wetsuits. Welcome to the new Wetsuit guide by Surfing World, “Paint It Black”

Chris Branch – Quiksilver WETSUIT GURU

With wetsuits in particular it’s all about comfort, you just want to be comfortable when you go out to do what you love, so that means it’s got to fit well and keep you warm. Without the perfect fit, it can’t perform in the coldest conditions for the longest period of time. Everything we do with wetsuit design comes down to this philosophy: using the warmest, the lightest, and the most flexible materials, to maximise comfort and performance, keeping you warmer, longer.

The AG47 is totally new to the market. Everything about it is new from the look to the materials. We’ve replaced the quick dry lining on the chest and back of the suits with a new material called Dry Flight which is FAR infared heat lining, it’s actually got a ceramic weave in the neoprene that conducts and reflects your own body heat back to you. It’s the warmest lining we’ve ever tested by far and it’s super fast drying as a bonus. Another breakthrough is our F’n LITE neoprene. We call it F’n LITE because it’s the lightest neoprene on the market. It’s used through the entire suit from the shoulders and arms, chest and back and all the way down to the ankles, in every panel of the suit. So a customer will enjoy the same amount of stretch all over their body. Try one on and it’s obvious that we call it F’n LITE, because it’s fuckin’ light. Being a global company, we couldn’t really use fuckin’ light as a call-out, so we’ve gone with F’n LITE. Might be a bit of an Aussie way of looking at it, it’s not too technical and not going to confuse anybody, it’s just super light, super stretchy, so we’re calling it that.

We’ve refined every detail in every panel of this suit for ultimate comfort. If the suit doesn’t fit, it’s not going to keep you warm. We’ve perfected the fit including seamless panel zones & easy entry chest zip, and we’ve located the Dry Flight thermal material over your vital organs, like your heart, and kidneys. The fit and the placement of the fabrics is really key to maximise comfort. We’ve also got more sizes on offer than any other company, 14 different sizes to perfectly fit your body shape down to the finest detail ie: inseam, circumference of your chest, neck, waist, plus the usual height and weight etc. So you can research and choose the suit that fits you perfectly to get the most out of your wetsuit.

There’s no real marketing hook for this wetsuit. That sort of hype is something we’re trying to avoid. We’re focussed on having premium features across the whole AG47 range. We’re merging all of the things that should be marketing hooks and incorporating them into one wetsuit. We know that surfers want to be warm and comfortable and so we’ve got a suit that does exactly that. I believe that the AG47 is the best looking suit that merges every premium feature into one.

Quiksilver AG47 Performance – $499.99 available here