Torren Martyn scored the massive swell in Victoria this week!

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posted by Chris Donald

For those with a little more adventure in their bones, there’s still pockets of perfect uncrowded Australian waves to be found… You just have to search for them. One dude who’s done just that is Torren Martyn. While on a 3 month mission around Australia, full time shredder and traveler Torren Martyn was lucky enough to score pumping Bells Beach in Victoria. The big swell hit on Wednesday and has been driving locals and pros from all around  to take part in some of the action. We caught up with Torren who was resting up after two days of hard work and hold downs.

Bells Frame Grabs-9

Bells Beach is firing this week what were the conditions like?
I think this is one of the first proper swells coming into the winter season, the amount of media hype I think gave it  a whole lot more attention than it was really worth. Things like big Wednesday and 50 year swell, everyone was laughing about that in the carpark. But I’ve never surfed down around here so I was pretty blown away, they were really good waves.

Were you just at the place and time or did you know it was going to be pumping?
We were actually planning on getting over to Tasmania but there were no ferries over for the next two months for some reason. But all the arrows were kind of pointing towards Bells Beach area, so it all happened with a bit of luck and a bit of coincidence I think.

Bells Frame Grabs-5

Falling in the middle of the week was probably the best time for the swell to hit, did the crowds flock or was it a bit too hairy for most?
We have been bit unlucky the last month on the road with school holidays and long weekends falling on the days with swell, it was actually really busy. It was in that border range of 6ft which isn’t really big enough to thin the crowd out too much. It needs to be over 8ft. The day before that was 3-4ft and there was like 60 guys in that water it was such a joke.

So would you say this has been the highlight of the trip so far?
Yeah the last few days have been for sure, before Bells we had been getting waves around Apostles and The Great Ocean Rd with some nice weather so the last week has been pretty unreal.


Where to next?
We are sort of figuring that out at the moment… Looks like there are going to be good waves for the next couple of days around here and then we are going to get the car serviced next week in Adelaide, once it hits the 10,000km mark. Then it’s  off to South Aus for a couple of weeks before we get over to Margaret River.  We have 2 months left which sounds like a while but we have been doing a lot of driving so it would be good to set up base somewhere soon and get some more surfing done.

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