Deus Ex Machina Presents: South To Sian

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posted by James Willmott

When International Director of Deus Surf, award winning photographer and hobbyist filmmaker Dustin Humphrey brought a hair-brained scheme to surfers and bike enthusiasts Harrison Roach and Zye Norris, there were two things that they couldn’t comprehend: first, the good fortune that had graced them with such a life-changing opportunity and second, the sheer magnitude of the vast odyssey they were about to undertake.

What began as a trip to a collection of surf breaks off the beaten track turned into a journey of exploration, companionship and 4,000km of two-wheeled, single-finned escape from the real-world burdens of modern life. Sounds like the perfect journey, doesn’t it?

It is with great pleasure we present to you, on behalf of Deus Ex Machina and Garage Entertainment, the official trailer for South To Sian. Whatever you are doing and wherever you may be, be sure to stay tuned for the film’s official full-length release, scheduled for July 1st.


Bali Premiere – 9 Foot & Single – Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, Canggu – May 27th , 7pm

Japan Premiere – Sound Museum Vision, Tokyo – May 19th

UK Premiere – All Press Roastery, London – May 20th , 8pm

UAE Premiere – Capital D Studio, Dubai – May 26th

Thailand Premiere – Bangkok – May 26th , 6pm

Switzerland Premiere – Visitor Store, Zürich – June 9th , 7pm

South Africa Premiere – Labia Theatre, Cape Town – June 9th , 7pm

Italy Premiere – Deus Leica Theatre, Milano – June 23rd , 9pm

France Premiere – La Surferie, Paris – June 24th

UK Premiere 2 – Coast Fine Surf & Coffee Shop, Poole – June 25th

France Premiere 2 – Darwin, Bordeaux – June 28th

US Premiere – Deus Emporium of Postmodern Activities, Venice Blvd LA – June 30th , 7pm

Australian Premiere 2 – Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay – July 1st , 6pm

Australian Premiere – Sydney – June 30th

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