Watch: The Deus Nine Foot and Single 2016 MAIN EVENT

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posted by ecritchley

So you missed the four-day party bender that was the Deus 9ft & Single presented by SWELL. From bodysurfing contests, to shaping forums, to single-fin shootouts and everything in between, it was a fine way to spend an extended weekend. Here’s the wrap-up clips from the main events, for your viewing pleasure…

The Men’s Nine Foot & Single Competition: Backed by stacked lines and glass-like texture, the traditional main event ran in exceptional conditions. Not only was there plenty of rail work, jive and classic toes-over going down, a few Canggu drainers rolled through allowing for a little tunnel stuffing here and there. Californian Jared Mell, who continued to rule on the mic between heats, snuck his oversized plank into one particular grinder that got the crowd particularly vocal.

The Men’s Under 9 Foot and Single Competition: 
Gracious local freesurfers cleared the Canggu Right lineup at 7am on the dot and competition got underway for the 2016 Under Nine Foot & Single. Highlighting single-finned boards of the more diminutive kind, this was a shortboarding event with soul and style. Boards ranged from close to the six-foot mark right up to mid-length boards, the only prerequisites being one fin and no leash – and the surfers unleashed in more ways than one.



On both days, conditions were impeccable – wide, glassy faces made for plenty of tracking turns and sweeping cutbacks on whatever boards. But a few did find shade, stuffing themselves into the tight hollows of the curling lip. Among a plethora of highlights, Honolua Blomfield once again spanned the cross-gender divide and showed the boys how she does it back home in Hawaii. Styling on a borrowed McTavish Bluebird, shaped at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm by Bob himself, she shredded against her male counterparts and even grabbed a few barrels, falling shy of advancement by the narrowest of margins.

If the reaction from the beach full of spectators was anything to go by, the final result was a four-way tie, but someone had to win, but that little gem of information would have to wait for this evening’s presentation and wrap-up party.