WATCH: Noah Lane Riding North Atlantic Giants

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posted by James Willmott

Daylight wanes as sky becomes heavy. Isobars compress and warp; cross-sectioned onions on the nightly news. The coast awakens, transformed from the doldrums of summer. Warmth; a flickering memory, like those drawn upon for favourable conditions at half-forgotten spots. The ocean roars, resuming it’s age-old attack on the coastline in a relentless barrage of storm fronts. And so the hunt begins, chasing the nooks hidden from wind and seas. Schedule revolves around brief opportunities, better described as optimistic hunches. A goading carrot dangled, and ever so occasionally within reach.

Insert Noah Lane, the man mastering the endless chase for ambition, adventure and some serious cold water slabs Ireland’s rugged coastline has to offer. In this latest edit for Finisterre wetsuits, he chews up everything he came for, and that’s within the first few seconds post pressing play. Whatever you are doing, drop it and put aside the next four minutes and take pleasure in viewing a very special expedition to the North Atlantic.

Winter chasing shapes on the fringes of the North Atlantic. A collection of moments captured along the way. Mar.