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posted by James Willmott

Dominique Faludi, remember the name. The 20 year old beauty is known for her drop dead gorgeous looks, picturesque lifestyle and ability to look one step above the rest, regardless of what setting and style she is put in. She’s been part of the SurfStitch family since late 2015 and we couldn’t be happier to have the young bombshell in the studio and on the road for our campaign shoots, matching her with everything that lives and breathes our culture.

We caught up with the Sydneyside stunner to talk how she first broke in the modelling world, what a perfect Sunday looks like, where she sees herself in ten years and much, much more. Come on in and meet Domique Faludi.

For those who don’t know, give us a brief run down on who you are and what you are about?
Hey guys! I’m Dominique, I’m 20 years old and I’m with Chic models. I’m currently based in Coogee and I’ve been there my whole life, I wouldn’t change it for the world because the beach is something I need in my life every day, it helps clear the head. It’s a great community and the local smoothie bars always knows my order.

How have you enjoyed shooting with SurfStitch?
I love it! We’ve just wrapped up shooting in beautiful Byron bay. This shoot really embodies what SurfStitch is all about I think, everyone is relaxed, smiling and enjoying the work and I’m so lucky to be a part of it. Being from Sydney it’s always good to be able to travel for shoots here and there, I’m really grateful.

How did you first break into the modelling world?
When I was in primary school I was at a friends birthday and one of the fathers there worked in the industry a long time ago and told my mum that one day it could be a good future career path for me. At that stage I was a real tomboy, I played soccer and was a really competitive child and never really thought much of it to be honest. One day I was at Bondi and I met a guy called Richard Manner, who happened to be the Creative Director of Toni and Guy and told me he loved my look, after that he booked a test shoot for me which resulted in a few more but nothing concrete. Now that social media is in the world I’ve been able to develop a good following and express my lifestyle to people and everyone has responded really well. I guess this has all helped me follow and shape my career path in the modelling industry.

What’s your favourite setting when modelling? We obviously use beach culture vibes a lot!
Definitely, being at the beach is the best and it’s me all over. I love the relaxed style where make up and hair aren’t too intense, the whole natural scene really makes me feel myself. I’ve done high end fashion shoots in the past and it didn’t feel like me, you know? This made me feel like I couldn’t perform my best because I wasn’t in my normal and comfortable environment. I feel my look leans more towards beach lifestyle shoots anyway haha!

Obviously being a model you need to stay on top of your fitness game while eating healthy at the same time. Can you tell us how this works for you?
I’ve always loved sport and still to this day love exercise and everything to do with having a happy, healthy lifestyle. I still play touch football every week, but my obsessions are yoga and pilates, I just love it. I also love to do long walks around Sydney’s beautiful coastlines. I guess with food, I always like to think of food as fuel for your body, and you need to give your body what it deserves and needs, which in turn helps shape you. Just be healthy and balanced, I guess it sounds cliché, but it really does work. I’m just become vegetarian so, which I guess has made eating more exciting, I’m always trying out ways to cook different vegetables in different ways to keep it exciting.

What about a favourite cheat meal?
My favourite food ever is peanut butter! In particular, I love dipping dates into it, and anything else for that matter! I don’t know if that’s classified as a cheat meal, but I love it!

What’s your perfect Sunday?
A day isn’t perfect unless I start it with some sort of excerise. A perfect Sunday would be waking up and going for a beautiful walk, listening to music, then hanging out with my boyfriend at the beach. Any day off is a great day though! But yes, defiantly exercise, maybe going for a beautiful lunch, being relaxed.

What about some of your other hobbies?
I’ve just started blogging a little bit with my best friend and have been documenting a lot of stuff while I’m travelling or on shoots. Everything from taking photos of the location, to food, other models and then writing about my experiences. Fashion has always been a world I’m so interested in, and to be able to document things from behind the lens has really interested me. Photography, fashion and exercise probabaly sum up my hobbies pretty well.

Where’s your favourite place to shoot?
Definitely on the beach and outdoors, but in the shade to be protected by the sun and to avoid getting too hot, that can make a make-up artists life hell. My favourite location I’ve ever shot would have to be Bali, the place is so beautiful and the people were so nice, it was just such an amazing experience for my own travel.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
At the moment I’m at uni studying commerce, and im in my second year. At the moment I’m focused on marketing and economics and finance. Once finishing my degree I’ll see where that takes me, but in 10 years – and I don’t know if this is a bit ambitious – but I’d love to move to Bali and open my own modelling agency. I love working with models and I feel that Bali is a great place for girls to start.

Do you have any tips for young and up and coming models to help shape there path in the industry?
One tip I wish I got when I was younger is never to compare yourself to others. People and agencies aren’t looking for the most beautiful people all the time, they are looking for a specific look which you may or may not have that for that job. Don’t compare yourself to other girls. Also, make sure you stay true to yourself and be happy with what you have and not what others have. Being happy is the most important.

How do you juggle your social life with university and modelling?
I always put university first because I see it really shaping my career outside modelling. I’ll basically make sure study comes first and when things come up around it I always try make it work. I know if I’m busy I study harder because I have a deadline, I find if I’m not busy I procrastinate a lot more.

Do you enjoy life on the road now that you are flying her and there for shoots?
In 2014 I took a gap year and did a lot of travelling, now I’ve picked up the travel bug for sure. Without a doubt I miss home lots, and sometimes get a little anxious being away from my family and friends. In saying that though, when you are away with work or friends you always become your own little family and do lots together anyway so that makes things great.

*Imagery by Chris Cooney

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