In Between Sets: Cut Snake

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posted by James Willmott

Don’t call them surfer DJs… Paul “Fish” Fisher and Leigh “Sedz” Sedley are former professional surfers who are blowing up the house music scene and every major festival around the world. On the heels of their latest world tour, our friends at SWELL swooped up the Aussie Cut Snake duo from the airport for a day with a live set, endless heckles and a surf.

Book your next layover at San Diego Airport if you have the option. With as little as a 4 hr stint you can jump an uber for a surf in Mission Beach or see a Cut Snake DJ set in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Heading to the last stop on their Magic album release tour, the boys were battered but not broken. Fish and Sedz have both called San Diego home, so a huge crew of their mates awaited their set in downtown San Diego… good thing they can rally with the best of ’em.

Paul Fisher’s phone is a treasure trove of gut-busting memes and incriminating evidence from life on tour.

Fish and Sedz met while on surfing’s World Qualifying Series. They were bunk mates. Clearly.

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Fish rolls up to a sold out venue at El Camino in the Little Italy district of downtown San Diego.

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Eric Tomlinson of Surfline, and Brixton team rider Oliver Kurtz.

From messing around with MIDI controllers during rained-out surf contest days 10 years ago, to playing sets a the LA Convention Center in front of 22,000 rabid fans.

Artifacts of the boys Aussie homeland.

Some filthy partygoers feel the need to take a shoey (Beer drank from shoe, a ritual popularized by Fish’s friends). A bit of a played out custom nowadays… but soggy sneakers still slosh their way around every show.

Cut Snake fans are the best.

Marking the end of their Magic EP Tour. Listen to the single.

A toast to 2 months of touring from Miami to Coachella and everywhere in-between.

Suiting up for the last set of the day at Oceanside Pier.