Your Official Saturday Playlist: Volcom

  • Music
posted by James Willmott

Love a good Saturday playlist as much as us? Perfect! This week on Your Official Saturday Playlist, we’ve linked up with the Volcom family to bring you their favourite tracks to welcome the fun weekend ahead!

This one features an epic mix of dirty hip hop, psychedelic, thrash and soul, all drawn from their new standout skate flick, Holy Stokes. Turn it up loud, it’s a banger!

ChrisPfanner_kickflip-melon_photo-ArtoFoto ChrisPfanner_TheRealDustinDollin_DavidGonzalez_LouieLopez_truck DaneBurman_FS-Scratcher_photo-ArtoFotoA1531602BLK-VOLCOM-1A4131604WHT-VOLCOM-1