Behind The Collection: Rip Curl's White Out Collection

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posted by James Willmott

If there is one brand that has become a household name in the eyes of the surfing world, it’s Rip Curl. Innovators of quality wetsuits, apparel, swimwear and much more, the Aussie born label continues to revolutionise the game through its top of the line products and exceptional attention to the finest of details.

With spring now underway and summer on the horizon, we caught up with Head of Design for Women’s Apparel and Accessories, Lincoln Stolz to find out more about their exciting new White Out Collection, the processes that go into developing a new collection and to discover what sets it apart from the rest.

Thanks for having a chat with us Lincoln! Could you please give us a run-down of your role and responsibilities at Rip Curl?
No worries! I’m the Head of Design for Women’s Apparel and Accessories. I’m also the graphics nerd of the team, working on the prints for the range.

What does a typical day look like for you from arriving at the office to heading home?
Coffee. Hands down the first thing that must happen once arriving at the office. After that a quick spin through my favorite pages on the interwebs. Get the day’s music playlist sorted. Skim through the emails. Get stuck into some print concepts. Get excited about what each designer is working on. Beach. Meeting of some kind. Sketch up some ideas. More emails. More coffee. We also have “dips out Friday” where we take it in turns bringing homemade dips to the office. That’s pretty rad.

What was the inspiration behind developing the new White Out Collection?
We wanted to develop a collection that spoke to the ocean and white sand beaches. Who doesn’t love that?

Once you guys have an idea, what is the process of turning that idea into a reality?
Once we have an idea we all love, we will build out some print concepts and pick out key colours. From there we develop swim shapes that compliment the theme and sit back with the prints.

How many people were involved in the creation of the collection, and how much input do each of you get in the outcome of the final product?
Everyone in the design team is instrumental in bringing a collection to life. Especially in the beginning, someone might have a great idea or reference, even just a colour. From there we all collaborate and refine to come up with the final collection.

_RCA1761 copy
When people see the White Out Collection, what associations and reactions would you like them to have?
Long sundrenched days with a Mai Tai in hand.

Who would you most like to see rocking the White Out Collection and why?
Spring is still mega freezing down here in Torquay. I’d love to see this collection taken on holiday to it’s natural habitat…somewhere warm.

What is your favourite piece in the collection?
White out bralette. I’m really into a lot of asymmetric prints at the moment. Especially matched back with the White Out cheeky pant with the pink micro print.

Where did you shoot the campaign?
We shot the campaign with Alana Blanchard in her home of Hawaii.

What would you say is the strangest or most unexpected source of inspiration that has stuck with you?
Boozy late nights in Bali.

Any new projects or collections in the works for you at Rip Curl?
Never not coming up with new ideas! We have a prolific creative team here so we’re never short on ideas. So much inspiration out there if you keep your eyes open.