Rolling Through With Jackson Pilz

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posted by James Willmott

Alongside sharing a standout part in Volcom‘s first new skate feature flick since 2007, Holy Stokes, Jackson Pilz continues to make noise in the scene thanks to his ability to dominate transitions, effortlessly destroy street spots and throw benihana’s at anything which way possible. As if his reputation doesn’t speak for itself enough, the Sunshine Coast local also recently signed with Enjoi Skateboards and just returned from an epic trip skating through Europe with the rest of his tight knit Volcom family.

We caught two with him to get some insight to what it’s like skating across the globe, living the dream life and having as much fun as possible along the way! Read on and dive deeper with Jackson Pilz.

Jackson, thanks for catching up. You’ve recently returned an epic Euro trip with Volcom that included skating, beers and Harley Davidson’s, tell us more!
You pretty much just summed it up! We went from Belgium to Netherlands to Berlin to Copenhagen to Sweden and rode Harley’s the whole way! We skated a little and had the best times with the best people.

How would you compare the skate scene in Europe with other countries you’ve visited?
I loved it over there so much good stuff to skate and everyone we dealt with was super nice and looked after us. The skating is amazing, of course there is a heap of perfect street spots, amazing days and everything in else between.

Let it slip… tell us a funny story from the tour?
The whole tour was loose, so much drinking. The funnest night for me, and I’m sure I speak for everyone else too, was me, Lannie, Collin and Jake in a room and it was like 12 nights in and we decided to have a chill night and just play some cards. The cards got us all fired up and we ended up drinking a crazy amount of beers and 2 bottles of Jack and everyone blacked out and it got messy but was so god damn fun.

What are the best things about being a member of such an epic family like Volcom?
We’re all friends, the trips are always fun and I love the clothes! Everything is great.

What was the experience like being part of Volcom’s first new feature film since 2007, Holy Stokes? Any memorable moments you can share with us?
Just staying in Long Beach, LA with Dane, Axel and Ant was super fun. I only did the San Fran and Texas trips and they were both really fun. Good times!

Who had best part in your opinion?
I really like Danes, Collin and Grant of course. Skankie’s was epic too.

There are plenty of little skateparks around your hometown on the Sunshine Coast, who are the crew you usually roll with?
I’ve been trying to film a little with my mate Wade, otherwise I’ll just skate Coolum with my mate Braydos.

You’ve got a fair bit of travel under your belt. Tell us about your top 5 favourite countries to skate abroad?
Nice and vague. USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and South America haha.

Apart from Volcom, who else do you skate for?
I also skate for Enjoi, Vans, Independent, Spitfire, Modus and Sockposse.

When you’re not skating, what could we find you doing in your spare time?
With my girlfriend and dog, at the tavern, at the beach or on the couch.

Tell us your thoughts on skateboarding being in the next Olympics?
It’s just another contest, no need for everyone to be freaking out. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I definitely want to try live in The States and skate for as long as I can, then do some normal life stuff I guess.

Any advice for young up and comers looking to chase the same dream?
Just skate and have fun with it. Woo!

Check out Jackson and the Volcom crew in Holy Stokes.

*All imagery by Andrew Mapstone