WATCH: All Aussie Adventures With The Kustom Crew

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posted by James Willmott

Nothing beats the feeling of rocking up to a new zone and finding pumping waves, period. It’s even better when it comes after a summer full of too many tourists and onshore winds. It’s the little things before hand though, that make it all that little bit sweeter; rounding up your best mates, packing the car with necessities, clocking up ridiculous kilometers and meeting some characters along the way, all for the search of countless tunnels and new horizons.

The boys at Kustom know that feeling all too well, which is evident in the brands latest short flick, All Aussie Adventures. Join the likes of Jay Davies, Harry Bryant, Shaun Manners & Beau Foster for the epic search. Caution: This may want to make you call up sick for the next few weeks.

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