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There’s nothing better than building something you want to use yourself. Our constant companion, whether on far flung surf adventures or a trip down the road for a quick lunchtime surf, the MSW App puts the latest surf forecast, webcams and data into the palm of your hand.

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This release is a big one, with a complete redesign and rebuild from the ground up. We’re trying to focus on what the phone does best: fast access to local information, while at the same time offering unrestricted access to the detailed swell and weather data that’s been our bread and butter for the last 15 years. Here are just a few of our favourite improvements with the new version:

Works on all phones

We’ve had an Android app for an age, but it was always the poor cousin of the iPhone offering. It might have taken us a while but things are now in sync. Every new feature and improvement is available on just about every modern smartphone as soon as we’ve built it.

* Windows phone you’re the exception to this rule. Sorry.

Roaming and Exploring

Silicon Valley seems to imagine we all live bathed in 4G, but for surfers the places we most want to be often suffer limited or expensive data. We’ve spent a lot of time on this iteration making sure that what you download gets saved for offline use. Check the forecast in the morning and it’ll be saved when you get to your local beach. Check a few forecasts before you fly and you’ll have them when you arrive, with or without roaming data. Perfect for a quick recap of the wind or tide on the road.

Only MSW webcams capture the whole beach end to end.

Only MSW webcams capture the whole beach end to end.

Panoramic Webcams

How do you make a surf webcam better? The banks might shift and the best peaks move around on the tide. Our cameras scan the whole beach to build a full panoramic overview, they then focus on the best banks tracking the tide to ensure the waves are always in view. We’ve brought this full experience to our new app.

Global Spot Guide

Browse the globe and view not just forecasts and photos, but a detailed local overview of almost every decent surf spot on the planet. With expert local information, hundreds of thousands of photos and detailed local surf data were building a must have companion for surf travel and exploration.

It’s Free

Pretty compelling reason to give it a go. No sign up needed – just hit download and try it out. Let us know how you get on.

Download the latest App Now