Behind The Collection: Imogen Caldwell On RVCA's Imaginary Collection

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posted by James Willmott

Western Australia’s favourite surfing daughter, Imogen Caldwell recently linked up with RVCA to create a capsule collection that lives and breathes everything she stands for. Demonstrating her talents both in and out of the water, the Imaginary Collection (yes, named after Imogen herself) embodies simple aesthetics and versatile fits, proving perfect for both lengthy sessions in the line up or a relaxed day on the sand.

To find out more, we caught two with Imogen to discuss how the collection first came to fruition, how she worked with RVCA to piece it together, her favourite pieces and much more.

How did you work closely with RVCA to bring the Imaginary collection to life? What aspects and key responsibilities did you work closely with the team on?
I sent the girls at RVCA women’s my sketches and the idea of having an Imo collection was quickly in the pipeline. I rarely surf in bikinis, as they can be awkward and fiddly so I was persistent on the pieces being functional and as practical as possible.

Describe the process of first putting designs on paper to eventually seeing the finished product in stores?
I am always designing bits and pieces, I guess its been a bit of a hobby of mine since I was young. When I spent long periods of time in the desert I would often sew the designs myself and wear them. To have a collection inspired by me and sold nationally is unbelievable, I’m incredibly grateful to RVCA for giving me the opportunity to work alongside the design team!

Describe the key features of the collection?
The collection is versatile, contemporary and functional for an active lifestyle.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why?
The high neck, high waisted, sheer one piece. It’s so comfortable!

Can you describe it in your own words?
Sexy, but I can still surf and “bottom turn” without feeling completely exposed ha ha!

After working on the collection, is it something you can see yourself doing with RVCA going forward?
Definitely, I’m excited to bring more to the table and look forward to working with the team in the future!