How To Fill A Passport Over Summer With Billabong

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posted by James Willmott

Summer is on the horizon and coming in hot! If you’re as excited as we are, then you’ve also been day-dreaming your days away with fantasies of warm exotic getaways, floating off into crystal clear waters and spending countless hours relaxing in the sun on pristine white sands. The good news is, these dreams can become reality, the even better news, we’re here to make your destination decision easier! What better way to reward yourself after a year of hard work than with a couple of extra stamps in the passport and experiences of a lifetime.

We caught up with Billabong Women’s to discover their ultimate getaway suggestions for you to relax, explore, and of course fill that passport with new stamps.

1. Tulum, Mexico

Recommended swimwear: Neon Paradise Deep V Separate Bralette Top & Neon Paradise Tropic Separate Pant

Located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, we highly recommend to hit the Yucatan beaches for some epic white sands and beautiful blue water, then check out the ancient ruins a short distance away for a unique cultural experience!

2. Castaway Island, Fiji

Recommended swimwear: Sea Daze Bralette Separate Top & Sea Daze Biarritz Separate Pant

Part of the Mamanuca Islands archipelago, Castaway Island is filled with natural beauty. We love to get lost and frolic among the colourful reefs and swaying palms, or just relax and let time slow down as you bask in the glorious summer sun.

3. North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Recommended swimwear: Island Time Wrap Bralette & Island Time Lowrider Separate Pant

Hawaii, it’s the home of all things surf and tropical good times! Watching the legendary Pipeline do its thing in winter is pretty spectacular, not to mention the amazing hikes and nature walks through untouched tropical rainforests.
Beautiful Waimea Bay on Oahu's North Shore

4. Vanuatu

Recommended swimwear: Dark Haven Wrap Bralette & Dark Haven Biarritz Separate Pant

Tropical paradise located in the South Pacific Ocean, need we say more? Crystal clear water, white sand, hot sun, summer perfection.

5. Tahiti

Recommended swimwear: Surfside Wrap Bralette & Surfside Isla Separate Pant

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, and there’s nowhere that compares to this magical place. Explore the amazing waterfalls, extinct volcanoes and submerge yourself in it’s pristine waters where the mountains meet the ocean. 
*Imagery by Unknown