How To Fill A Passport Over Summer With Rhythm

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posted by James Willmott

Summer is on the horizon and coming in hot! If you’re as excited as we are, then you’ve also been day-dreaming your days away with fantasies of warm exotic getaways, floating off into crystal clear waters and spending countless hours relaxing in the sun on pristine white sands. The good news is, these dreams can become reality, the even better news, we’re here to make your destination decision easier! What better way to reward yourself after a year of hard work than with a couple of extra stamps in the passport and experiences of a lifetime.

We have a chat to the wonderful ladies over at Rhythm about their top destinations for you to experience an epic summer.

Sri Lanka – For the Sun Seekers

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Sri Lanka is smack bang in the middle of India and the Maldives, a beautiful multicultural country with a reason to smile around every corner. From pristine sandy shores to the hustle and bustle of local nightlife, Sri Lanka is a must visit destination for any sun seeker! Plus, where else in the world can you be on a tropical island soaking up the sun while watching majestic Sri Lankan Elephants stroll along the sand, the place is amazing.sri-lanka-beach

The Mentawais- For the Lady Sliders.

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Known for having some of the best waves in the world, the Mentawai Islands are a dream destination for almost every surfer. Think boat trips to perfect waves, untouched, pristine beaches, friendly locals and unforgettable experiences in the line up and on the shore. A favourite destination for surfers and island hoppers alike, the Mentawais is a must-visit destination and deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list.
New Zealand – For the Wanderers

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Our neighbour to the East is most well known for rugby, snow and sheep, but little do many know that just across the pond New Zealand has some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine beaches on offer. With countless coves and bays spanning both the north and south island coastlines, from rolling hills to sandstone rock formations meeting the ocean, New Zealand is definitely an epic destination for those looking to go against the grain and aren’t afraid to explore off the beaten track.
Beautiful Te Hoho Rock at Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. Panoramic photo,
Kauai – For the Free Spirits

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The quieter of the Hawaiian Islands, this mystical and mysterious island features some of the most breathtaking landscapes we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Where sheer cliff faces and mountain ranges drop directly into picturesque turquoise Pacific Ocean. With a multitude of hikes and nature walks, amazing secluded beaches and crystal clear, warm water, Kauai feels like a prehistoric sanctuary where spirits fly free!
Seychelles – For the Dreamers

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The Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean made up of 115 tropical islands, that’s 115 breathtakingly beautiful islands for you to explore, soak up the sun and embrace bliss that surrounds you. The Seychelles is most definitely a destination for the dreamers, as long as they’re ready for those dreams to become reality. You’ll be pinching yourself to check if you actually are dreaming when you’re island hopping between the amazing and secluded beaches, its out of this world beautiful.