Behind The Collection: Billabong's Barefoot Wandering Collection

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posted by tvandenberg

Billabong‘s Barefoot Wandering collection, an ode to days of exploring new exciting places in beautiful free-flowing and functional outfits. From the streets to the beach, each garment radiates fun and freedom, with a mixture of intricate floral prints, simple stripe patterns and vintage graphics, the collection lets the wearer mix and match, wander and find their own path.

We caught up with Bree Keighran, the Women’s Product Development Manager for Billabong to talk all things Barefoot Wandering, from inspiration to production process.

Hey Bree! Firstly, thanks for catching up. For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little about who you are and about your role at Billabong?
Hi guys, my names Bree Keighran & I’m the Women’s Product Development Manager for all things Billabong.

What was the inspiration behind the collection?
This September we are California Dreamin’ all the way, this ‘canyon to coast’ collection is inspired by islands everywhere, floral prints are abundant & we celebrate vintage postcard graphics on washed-out tees. We start to feel the heat in our new spicy shades which are a sharp contrast to a black & white palette. Shapes take on a Spanish feel & are worn back with hi-waist shorts. This summer you will find us barefoot in this gypsy’s paradise.

What was the process from initial conception to the final product?
It all starts with our 19-year-old muses, we are constantly challenging ourselves on what is consumer right & considering the end in mind, what will the collection will look like, how to wear it & what our hero pieces & items are for the collection.

How do you source inspiration and creative input from the wider team at Billabong?
Inspiration is everywhere, our teams travel the world looking for idea’s & inspirations. We have a very integrated design, sales & marketing team who all help to shape the range.

Who gets final say on what goes and what stays?
We all work closely together to ensure we have the best outcome for the consumer. If I had to choose I would say the consumer has the final say they either buy our product or they don’t which ultimately shapes future seasons.

What is the process of choosing materials, styles and cuts used in the collection?
We attend fabric mills in both the US & Hong Kong markets to ensure we have the most sort after base cloths for our market & our designs go through a creative process from concept to consumer to ensure the styles & cuts are relevant.

Who would you most like to see rocking the barefoot wandering collection and why?
I would have to say Gigi (Hadid), she’s the “It” girl right now though still has her toes in sand coming from Australia, so she would be my pick today.

If you had to choose one item that best represents the theme of the collection, which would it be?
It would definitely be the Spice Temple Maxi Dress, the floral print and warm coral colour really embodies the Barefoot Wandering collection, its simple yet intricate, highly fashionable yet functional and versatile, and not to mention beautiful!

What is your favourite piece in the collection?
The Gypset Wrap Midi Dress is beautiful, simple yet elegant and is as at home on the beach as in any other setting with a flowing silhouette and simple lines. The Memory Lane Denim Short is another one of my favourites, such a classic staple and super versatile!

How would you describe the Barefoot Wandering collection compared to the other collections in the Billabong Women’s range?
This collection celebrates our last days of Winter & the return of Summer it’s always exciting to design the spring collection.

What would you say is the strangest or most unexpected source of inspiration that has stuck with you?
Like I mentioned earlier inspiration comes in many shapes & forms it can be something you see in your day to day or and memory which can spark inspiration.

Any new projects or collections in the works for the team at Billabong?
We are constantly working on future collections typically we are working on 3 collections at one time.