Behind The Collection: Rhythm's Australiana Collection With Designer, Jacob Byrne

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posted by James Willmott

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the project influenced by our Australian heritage, its unique offering of flora and fauna, pristine waves and rugged coastline is back! We’re talking of course about Rhythm’s Australiana Collection, available now exclusively to SurfStitch.

Known for its unique, standout prints, cuts and styles, the Australiana Collection is much more than a fresh wardrobe. The collection spreads Rhythm’s lifestyle message, showcasing the brand and their love for free surf and adventure better than ever before. We’ve recently caught up with the man behind the animations, Nanda Ormond, though now it’s time to pay homage to one other important individual helping each and every collection come to life, and that’s Head Designer, Jacob Byrne.

We managed to pull Jacob away from his busy schedule to take two minutes to run us through how Rhythm’s fresh Australiana Collection came to life and what makes it so unique.

Tell us how the new Australiana Collection first came to fruition?
A couple years ago when the floral trend started to come back to life we tried to figure out a way to do it in our own unique way, so we decided to use our Australian natives to tie back to our heritage.The project started with a couple trunks in the line, SurfStitch liked the concept so much they wanted to do a feature collection and that’s how this colab came about.

Where did you draw influence for the designs, styles and cuts?
If we are talking about the Australiana collection in particular our landscape, flora & fauna are the main influences and like anything we do we try to tie it all back to our surf heritage when talking styles and cuts.

What will we catch you in?
I don’t even think we have anything left in the office… but if we do I’d probably be running the Acacia trunk when I’m not in our classic trunk.

What about the collection in your mind keeps people coming back for more?
It’s unique and a bit of fun. The whole process of developing the collection is fun, from designing the artwork through to working with Nanda on the animations, it’s good times and I think that shows in the final product.

Apart from the garments themselves, what else makes the collection so unique?
It’s the whole package, it tells such a strong story and the fact that it’s told through animation is pretty unique.

What sets this collection apart from previous years?
The collection is similar in that fact the story is the same, it’s kinda just a progression and the way it’s all packaged up is much tighter.

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