4 Ways You Can Help Protect Our Oceans With Brinkley Davies

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posted by James Willmott

Known for her blue eyes, beachy blonde hair and dark eyebrows, Brinkley Davies is just a girl from the west coast of South Australia, but don’t be fooled by her good looks and infectious positive nature – this girl is more than meets the eye. We had the pleasure of getting to know Brinkley, a passionate marine biologist and ocean activist; whilst shooting our Swimwear Rituals campaign.
With dreams of becoming a marine biologist since she was just five years old, Brinkley now currently works as a whale shark spotter and spends her time guiding people to swim safely with these gentle giants. When she’s not behind the camera, surfing waves or swimming with sharks, Brinkley spends her time raising awareness for voiceless marine animals and ocean life. We picked Brinkley’s brain to see what we could do to help, here are her four everyday practices everyone can use to protect our beautiful oceans.

1. Reducing your use of single use plastics: Everything ends up in the ocean, and plastics are notorious for not being able to break down. Opt for sustainable packaging to lower your impact.

2. Switching to a vegetarian diet: The agriculture industry produces run-off that flows directly into the Great Barrier Reef, and contributes to rising water temperatures that cause coral bleaching. Stopping your consumption  of meat can help to decrease the effects of this widespread issue.

3. Not supporting destructive mining: The construction of coal mines takes a toll on our environment and our oceans. In order for ships to access mines to transport coal, parts of the Great Barrier Reef must be dredged, this threatens marine life and leads to the death of our coral reefs.

4. When you’re travelling: Avoid littering and respect the animals and nature around you.