Rip Curl's 5 Favourite Warm Water Destinations

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posted by James Willmott

To continue to celebrate the launch of the warm water season, we caught up with the masterminds at Rip Curl to quiz them on their 5 favourite warm water destinations to help test those new trunks and let them prove they are worth every last penny. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Hawaii
Recommended boardshorts: Rapture Mixer

Ah… Hawaii, where to even begin. Known for it’s vast array of wave set ups, the island keeps giving year after year and season after season, especially to those willing to challenge the power of Mother Nature at some of the more notorious spots. Though the island of Oahu remains the source of popularity for many, the other islands also offer a heap of reef and beachie set-ups. As well as waves, each islands sheer beauty is enough to admire by itself. If you haven’t already, grab a ticket and pack that quiver, the season 16/17 is in full swing.

2. G Land
Recommended boardshorts: Mirage Distort

After being discovered in the early 1970’s by Gerry Lopez and his close crew, G-Land’s lefts have since been engraved deep in the minds of almost every surfer around the globe. A long, world class left breaking over sharp reef, the wave divides itself over several sections. On large swells, the first point known as ‘Kongs’ can provide surfers with waves several hundred meters long, linking through to the next section ‘Moneytrees’ and then ‘Speedies’. All working on different size swells, it doesn’t really matter which one you score, because you’ll be scoring. If you’re planning a trip, head between April and September to score the best swells and those offshore winds.

3. Snapper Rocks
Recommended boardshorts: Mirage MF Focus

Located on the southern end of Queensland’s Gold Coast, Snapper has been referred to as the best stretch of sand in the world. Though not close to a secret by any means, the wave on its day offers perfect right-hand walls that link up through several sections (the Superbank) for up to several hundred meters. Home to the first event on the WSL Tour each year, the Quiksilver Pro, and some of the biggest names in surfing, Snapper brings surfers from all around the world to sit together in patience for those few chances to score a wave worth remembering forever.

4. Tahiti
Recommended boardshorts: Mirage Combined

Yes, it’s home to Teauhupo’o, however the French Polynesian island of Tahiti brings so much more to the table than the world class left slab. As if the mindblowing scenery, food and people weren’t enough, there are seven different and epic line ups waiting for you within eight kilometers of Chopes, all appealing to different swell directions and winds teaming together to ensure your best chance of constantly scoring. Then there is the rest of the island that has more setups all within a short exploration. Another host to the WSL competitive calendar, the laid back island paradise is rich in heritage, and even richer in waves. Pack the boards, pack the trunks, pack the sunscreen and get there.

5. Tavarua, Fiji
Recommended boardshorts: Mirage Pro Game

Who could forget Fiji. Hosting seven world class breaks including Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Namotu Left, Wilkes Pass and more, the tropical destination is known throughout the surfing community thanks to its heart like shape and ability to handle waves anywhere from two to twenty feet. Treating thousands of surfers each year to unforgettable barrels and wide open faces, Tavurua offers a variety of rights and lefts for all levels of experience and certainly is one place to pencil in for your next getaway.

Best times to go you ask? The island works best on strong southwest swells, often occurring in the southern hemisphere’s winter season, though the island is known to treat many to magic swells all year round. Consistent and consistency challenging, get yourself a bomb and you’ll have plenty of stories for the grand kids.


*Imagery by Sean Davey and Rip Curl