A Minute For Music: Jack River

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posted by James Willmott

With a perfect blend of electronic music and relaxed vocals, Australian singer, songwriter Jack River (aka Holly Rankin) is bringing the laid-back sounds of the NSW coast to both local and international music scenes.

Currently on tour and quickly approaching the release of her debut album, we caught up with the talented multi-instrumentalist to talk about her work on SurfStitch’s summer campaign and her recently released single, ‘Talk Like That’.

Holly! Thanks for having a quick chat. You grew up on the beach in a coastal town, do you think this played a part in shaping the kind of music you produce?
I think so. I am really attracted to merging organic sounds with synthetic sounds. The area I grew up in is super chilled and laid back, it definitely adds to a sense of imperfection and laziness about the music too.

Has music always been a part of your life?
Yes, since I was super small I’ve messed about on the piano, as early as 3, and then played the violin, trombone and finally found the acoustic/electric guitar. Music became especially potent for me from age 13 or 14, and was definitely a kind of parental figure through a few super tough years of my life. Couldn’t exist without it.

Who would you say has influenced your music the most?
Neil Young or David Bowie. Each of them carved their own path in music, making something totally original but moreso just so real and magic.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Talk Like That’?
I was walking through the streets at 2am with some friends and there was this one person there, walking with me I have always felt that electricity with – it has been there for so long but nothing ever happens. There was another girl there doing the super girly flirting thing and it just totally pissed me off, and made me never want to be like that/or talk like that. Coupled with the feeling of just really wanting this person to turn around and say ‘I want you’, I went home and wrote Talk Like That in the middle of the night, and recorded it two days after.

What was it like working with SurfStitch?
SurfStitch are an incredible Aussie company, and also all about the ocean – so I was super excited to work with them on the Talk Like That collaboration.

Your music seems to transcend genres, how would you describe the style of music you create?
I guess its kind of psych pop or something, with roots in folk music at the heart of things. My sonic vision is to match organic instruments with the electro pop universe of now, but retain a sense of imperfection and grit.

After a busy year, what’s planned for 2017?
Loads of festivals and shows are planned for early 2017 & I am currently working away on my album. Many adventures I am guessing, I think it will be quite the year. On a personal level, my plans are to dive more, surf more, and read more.