Behind The Campaign: Auguste's Strawberry Moon

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posted by Brianne Worth

Delivering soft floral patterns against a raw Californian desert backdrop, Auguste’s Strawberry Moon campaign combines stunning visuals with environmental sustainability to bring you their best campaign yet. If you’ve found yourself wondering about what goes on behind the scenes of these campaigns, then we’ve got you covered!

We once again had the chance to sit down with Head Designer & Creative Director, Ebony Eagles, to talk about Strawberry Moon, Auguste’s partnership with 1% For The Planet and the importance of being an environmentally conscious brand.

Thanks for catching up Ebony!
No worries – it’s always great to hear from the SurfStitch Team.

Can you tell us about your role at Auguste?
I’m the Head Designer & Creative Director.

The new campaign looks incredible and has so many important messages. Can you give us a rundown?
Our Strawberry Moon Campaign is definitely our favourite yet. This campaign launched our partnership with 1 % For The Planet, an amazing initiative that works with businesses committed to driving change towards a healthier planet.  we also had a chance to work with Nicole Trunfio, someone who I have always been dreaming of for Auguste.

It’s so good to hear important and environmental causes being supported by Auguste and other brands alike. Has it always been something you and the team have been conscious of?
Yes – my impact on the planet is something I have always really cared about, and I’m lucky enough to have built a team around me who are hardworking and environmentally conscious. That’s really important to me!

How can people support the same cause?
What’s amazing about this movement is that anyone can be a member of 1 % For The Planet and choose a charity or two that really means something to them – you don’t have to own a business.

Where did you shoot it the campaign?
We shot the campaign at the Red Rock Canyon on Route 159 in California, It was super magical – there’s something I love about the juxtaposition of feminine florals and the rawness of the desert...

What’s the process of choosing locations? Obviously it would be hard to choose just one!
I often drawn back to really raw and natural settings, aesthetically it works because backdrops that epic only compliment and never take away from our clothing. And you are right we could never stick with just one, I’m so grateful to currently be travelling all over the world in search for our perfect backdrops.

Who were the key individuals involved?
As always, we had such a great team involved! Of course our main man behind the lens, Trevor King who is responsible for nearly all of the Auguste imagery, and my really good friend Kristi Mcdonough from Glow Publicity who co-ordintaed the shoot for us. Then our gorgeous models Nicole Trunfio, Sammie Robinson, Our stylist Jesse Arifien, HMU Brendan Roberston.

What was the best thing about working with Nicole Trunfio?
Nicole was just really relaxed and professional – she got the job done in a way that didn’t feel like work at all – it just felt like a bunch of friends exploring the desert (but making some serious magic in the process).

How did she reflect the look and feel you were going for?
Her beauty feels like it came from another time… and as we draw inspiration heavily from the 60’s and seventies – so Nicole was the perfect fit.

Is this is message you are hoping to grow each and every campaign moving forward?
Definitely! Although I started Auguste as a clothing brand, watching it become more than that is really really amazing…. cause lets face it, there is so much more to life than fashion!  seeing how are customers get on board with it is the most rewarding part of my job.