Behind The Collection: Auguste's Strawberry Moon

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posted by Brianne Worth

Known for their eye-catching yet subtle floral prints, Auguste’s Strawberry Moon Collection delivers a throwback to the unique culture of the classic vintage 70’s vibe. Auguste swept us away once again with their carefree and effortless styles that feel at home on a beach, a road-trip with your best mates or just at your favourite local cafe.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Marketing Manager, Taylor Mitchell, to find out what a typical day at Auguste looks like, how the collection was brought from idea to reality and the message of environmental sustainability behind this collection.

Thanks for catching up Taylor For those who don’t know, can you tell us who you are and what you are about?
My name is Taylor Mitchell and I’m the Marketing Manager at Auguste.

Epic! What are the best things about working for such a great label such as Auguste?
It’s exciting to be part of such a close-knit team. The culture here is really open to change which I think is the main reason we’ve been able to grow so quickly (aside from Ebony’s (Creative Director) amazing design skills obviously). Also, we have a pretty great lifestyle, and a team full of the best women I could imagine working with.

What does a typical day entail?
A typical day is normal a morning catching up on emails and collaborations listening to a killer playlist – then a midday Marketing meeting where we plan out the new collection we have coming up, an  and an afternoon of brainstorming up some fun things to add into the pipeline.  Then when works up, it’s straight into the ocean!

Ok, let’s talk collections, you’ve just released your incredible summer collection and it honestly couldn’t look any better! Tell us how the collection came to fruition?
That’s all Ebony – she’s really intuitive in her designs and somehow always seems to nail it. It’s the perfect marriage of working with tested successful shapes and dreaming up new ones she knows our customers will love.

What’s the preparation from first putting pen to paper mapping out the cuts and styles to eventually seeing it on customers?
It really is half analytical – half intuition. Auguste has been around long enough that we really do have a feel for what our customer loves – so we really can take risks with the designs and watch it pay off! The preparation for the Design Team is taking in what shapes and styles our customers are loving, and reimagining them in fresh new ways – as well as creating some entirely fresh designs to get excited about.

What’s the best thing about first starting a new collection?
At Auguste the designs really have to suit the Campaign we’ve envisaged – and vice versa. So a big part of each new collection is dreaming up the perfect campaign and imagining the styles that would feel at home there… wherever it is we’re choosing to go next… You really never know where we’ll end up!

What will we catch you in?
Definitely the Babydoll dress and the Bell Sleeved Shirts paired with vintage denim (forever).

How does this new range differ from ones in the past?
We’ve always been inspired by the golden days of the 60’s and 70’s, but there’s something about Strawberry Moon that make you really feel it!

You’ve also linked it in with a great campaign that spreads a few import messages, can you tell us about that?
It’s a necessary revolution that fashion brands accept their part to play in the bigger picture – and do their absolute best to give back. Working with 1% For The Planet is Auguste’s promise to commit consistently to giving back.

The two charities we have partnered with  (Orangutan Land Trust & Australian Marine Conservation Society) are amazing initiatives and something we feel incredibly strongly about. I volunteered for the AMCS through my Uni years and they are the most amazing bunch of people who really do care so much abut our oceans (and don’t even get me started on The Reef).

Once the collection is final, how do the Auguste crew celebrate?
The beach & beers!