Behind The Campaign: Auguste's Havana Nights.

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posted by James Willmott

Auguste’s deep, dusky florals and effortless femininity is something we have come to love with their vintage 70s influence drawn from the melting pot of Byron Bay days past.  This season’s latest collection, Havana Nights, has reborn the iconic brand against the dusty pastel backdrops of urban Cuba – think striking florals and soft frills as you wander the streets towards dusk and salsa dancing.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Head Designer and Creative Director, Ebony Eagles to hear about the inspiration for the Havana Nights campaign and catch up on their commitment to being an environmentally conscious brand.

Join us as we find out everything about shooting Havana Nights in the colourful streets of Cuba for this stunning collection.

Ebony! Thanks for chatting. Tell us the inspiration behind the new collection?
I definitely stayed true to the late 60’s / early 70’s essence of Auguste… but I feel like Havana Nights has quite a 90’s influence too – the babydoll dresses and little slip camis which were really fun to design and felt like an ode to my mid-teens. I wanted this collection to be really wearable for every day…

Your last campaign, Strawberry Moon was shot in California. This campaign was shot in Havana, Cuba. What brought this idea to life? How does it connect to the collection and garments in general?
Cuba is somewhere that I have always wanted to visit; its fascinating to me. Every single place you look it’s another shot so it was an easy decision to go there to shoot and it was an adventure! There were some really striking florals in the collection, so we wanted to shoot them against a contrasting background –  the city landscape was magical. We’ve never shot in an urban landscape and I was really excited to try it out. There’s something so special about Cuba… the people we met were so kind, the buildings were so colourful and every corner you turned there was something exciting happening. I think this really came across in the campaign itself… there was a really amazing energy to it. Getting all the shots was a really effortless process and everything just flowed..

Who were the key people involved with bringing both the collection and campaign to life?
Muse: Lise Olsen
Photography: Trevor King
H&MU: Brendan Robertson
Stylist: Jesse Arifien

Model wise – who was featured this time around and why? Did she portray the look you were after?
Lise Olsen is such a gorgeous woman, obviously on the outside (she is the most beautiful looking woman I have ever seen!) but she will floor you with her gentle and humble personalty – she has such a warmth about her. It was the perfect match and we had such a fun time shooting. This is so important to me – I think the energy on shoot really does translate to the campaign images. You can tell what the vibe was.


Last time we spoke Auguste was proudly involved with Sustainability. Are you spreading the same message as a business this time round?
Always! Giving back is a constant for us.  Auguste continues to donate 1% of all our takings to 1% For The Planet  – splitting the funds between the Orangutan Land Trust and the Marine Conservation Society. We also have something very exciting in the works with Borneo Orangutan Survival, so watch this space!

What will we catch you in this season?
Definitely the frill wrap minis, and I’m a huge fan of the wrap skirts teamed with an old T-shirt.

Cuba is such an interesting place! Before we leave you, tell us your favourite things about the country and why we should see it for ourselves!?
Obviously aesthetically Cuba is fascinating to us as it literally stopped in time in the 50’s with the Revolution. The cars and the buildings are like stepping back in time for us. Although it is a really gorgeous place to take a photograph, I think that it’s important that everybody who goes there needs to appreciate that being resident Cuban in a communist society is a very difficult reality, and that general progression hasn’t been halted by choice.

The thing that I found really beautiful about Cuba was what happens at night: when the lights go down the salsa dancing starts and these guys know how to party! And generally as WiFi and 4G isn’t a thing people actually spend hours and hours TALKING to one another. There is a genuine connect between everybody and this is something that our culture at times has lost completely. Locals will spend the whole night sitting on the streets chatting, literally till sunrise… it’s magical.