BEHIND THE COLLECTION: Waiting For The Sun with Wrangler

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We all know a good pair of jeans can become like an old friend, and if there’s one brand that’s introduced us to a plethora of old friends over the years it would have to be Wrangler. For over a century now they have been churning out the cuts, styles, washes, treatments and denim innovations that have taken us from festival, to couch, to beach, bar and beyond.

Their timeless style harks back to a golden era of music and style icons like Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain and Vera Blue with cuts that let us channel that youthful rebellion into everyday life. Their latest Autumn collection is no different – we were lucky enough to catch up with Kimberly Frittum, Marketing Manager at Wrangler, who took us behind the scenes of their desert campaign: Waiting For The Sun.

Read on for exclusive insights into all things Wrangler, and get ready to meet some new old friends.

Thanks for catching up, Kimberly! Can you give us an insight into your role at Wrangler?
Sure, somehow I landed the role of Marketing Manager for Aus and NZ. Every day is different, whether it’s working on photoshoots and content, social media, festival & music partnerships or reporting… there’s always lots to do.   

How long have you been with the company and how did you work your way to where you are today?
I’ve been here for just over 4 years. I started in sales as the Key Account Manager for NSW, and moved across to marketing 18 months ago for a new challenge.

Ok, let’s talk the latest collection, Waiting For The Sun. Give us a run down on your inspiration?
The Design team were inspired by their recent travels to Austin Texas and LA for our Autumn campaign. The Menswear range borrowed details from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and took inspirational cues from Kurt Cobain and Lou Reed – classic rock n roll with a 90s slacker edge. For the cooler months it moves into cues from both the local downtown skate scene and the cosmic American music that can be heard from many a bar of 6th street on any given night. Womenswear was developed with musical muses Zella Day and Vera Blue in mind, and evokes the free spirit of a songbird on tour throughout the US.

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What makes it so special to others you’ve released in the past?
I loved that the combined inspiration took us back to our roots, and embodied a lot of our brand characteristics – music, rock n roll, freedom and the age old road trip. I was also really excited for the Bone denim coming through in Menswear in our revamped Denim Trucker jacket, and new fit ‘Sammy’ jeans. And for Womenswear the introduction of the ‘Hi Birkin’ jean, and the variety of vintage washed rigid denim in all of our anti fits is exciting.

Can you give us a rundown of the attention to detail and the process from first putting pen to paper at the design stage to eventually wearing the final product?
The team design and build the entire collection from their office in Melbourne. They usually travel to get their creative juices flowing, then they pull together their overarching trend direction based on global trends, historical muses or events in time, vintage Wrangler finds and archive imagery they’re vibing. A lot of our graphics and labels come from vintage pieces! The design process then moves into designing the actual garments, and then working with the factories to execute them. I’m sure there’s lots that happens in between that I’m not aware of too…! The team presents the new collection at our sales conference and from there the sales team head out to sell it to our retail partners.

Are there any campaigns tied into this collection?
Yes! My favourite to date, ‘Waiting for the Sun’ is our Autumn campaign. We have Part 2 launching in April so stay tuned! We shot it in the desert with our friends, the Lagoon Collective, Madison Voloshin, Chloe Coles and Jai Stevens. Madison was such a treat on the shoot… he would just bust out dancing in between shots and made everyone laugh the whole time. It was such a fun shoot.

Sounds amazing! Can you tell us who was involved in the campaign?
We are really hands on and work with a really small team.. in addition to the guys mentioned, there were three of us from Wrangler on set – our Creative Marketing Coordinator Liz, and the very talented Emilie Sinclair who designed the Menswear range for the season, and myself.

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From the latest collection – what will we catch you in this season?
I haven’t taken off my new Hi Birkin jeans – they are the best! Today I’m wearing them with slides but they looked even better with boots last week – they’re so versatile.

What keeps Wrangler one step ahead of the rest of the denim world?
Our team. We have the most dedicated and devoted people working on the brand, who love and nurture it with every decision they make. Our motto is “it’s all about the jeans” and we really work hard to make sure Wrangler is around for another 100 years!

What’s next to come?
Watch this space… we’ve been working with the guys from Ocean Alley Band on something special! 😀

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