MYTHS AND TRICKS: Denim With Wrangler

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Myths, tricks and tips from the pros is a headline too tempting to scroll past. Who wouldn’t want to find out the industry secrets behind the prime-condition denim adorning the legs of the experts!?

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair of us to keep this privileged info to ourselves, so read on to hear weird and wonderful tips from Wrangler designers Elly Frangos and Emilie Sinclair on how to keep your prized denim in mint condition for years to come.

rsz_wrangler_finals_lr-13 (2)Elly Frangos, Mens Denim Designer

Denim Myth: Your denim won’t fade.
Your denim WILL fade no matter what the salesman says! Denim has been dyed and treated, so any sort of washing will always affect this core base of colour and over time, depending on the amount of wearing & washing, it will fade. However, denim is designed to fade – that’s the beauty of it!

Denim trick: Don’t wash your denim.
Wash your denim as little as possible! Denim is a living fibre and was created to be hard wearing, not needing to be washed! Also, if you want your denim to stay dark/black keep it away from any enzyme detergents as they will enhance the effect washing has on your denim.

Wrangler_Finals_LR_Social-3Emilie Sinclair, Womenswear Designer

Denim trick: Chuck them in the freezer to help deodorise any smells.
The thing with your favourite jeans is that if you wear them enough they will build up bacteria – which are the nasty little things that can cause your threads to clear the area around you! Putting them in the freezer overnight kills the bacteria (which cannot survive in the lower temperatures), leaving your denim smelling fresh and new again. Doing this once a month is plenty.

Denim tip: Buy rigid denim tight fitting as it will give as you start to wear it!
If you’re tossing up against buying small or large in your size – always go for the tight fitting option with rigid denim. Commit to wearing it in and you will be rewarded with a classic vintage fit to stand the test of time.

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