On The Road: Jack Lynch And The Walls of Noosa

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posted by James Willmott

Noosa. A shire spanning an area of 868 square kilometers full of beautiful national parks, pristine beaches, friendly locals, oh… and five sand bottom point breaks that, nine out of ten, provide perfect mechanical righthanders for all surfers on all crafts.

A place where surf culture and its surroundings certainly are no abstract trait, the community live and breathe ocean lifestyle and the peaceful livelihood that comes with it. With waves better than the ones you sketched in your high school textbook breaking in your own backyard, the question has to be asked, “why wouldn’t you!?”

No stranger to the town, Jack Lynch has been travelling to the self-proclaimed longboarding capital since he was just a junior. A skilled individual able to adapt to whatever shaped board is thrown under his feet, the long walling point breaks provide a sanctuary of potential options, options he openly takes full advantage of each and every time he visits the area.

We recently packed up with Jack and headed North to be a part of the action. Treat your peepers to the full feature below and get a taste of logging greatness through the eyes of Mr. Lynch.

“I have been going North for the Noosa Festival of Surf since I was competing there in the Juniors. These days, I don’t compete but it’s always an epic week to get up there and see mates from around the country and overseas, hang out at Tea Tree in the bay, surfing with everyone and drinking some beers.

This year, the forecast wasn’t looking amazing so I decided to strike up there just before the week officially started. Surprisingly, it was bigger than we first anticipated! We made the most out of a little east swell which was fun on the points at Little Cove and Tea Tree. Being before the Festival, the crowds were pretty mellow and I ended up mostly just surfing with a couple locals like Thomas Bexon, as well as my mate Mr. Jared Mell.

Though only a short stay, it was an epic couple of days surfing fun logging peelers on my 9’2 Corey Munn!” – Jack Lynch



*Imagery by Catie Allen