Q&A With Mark Mitchell From Urge

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posted by Kate McCart

What inspired you to start designing? What made you want to focus on designing footwear?

I’ve always had a keen interest in design whether it be fashion / architecture or anything that has seasonal changes …. I started designing Urge footwear because I spotted an obvious gap between casual and high end streetwear, and I had some ideas that I was confident would work. That’s how Urge was born!

What’s the story behind the name Urge?

We like to make shit happen! When we feel an Urge we act on it. The word Urge has plenty of meanings but for us it represents moving forward and acting on impulses. It is not just a name of the brand, it is the company philosophy and it applies to everything we do.

In three words, how would you describe the Urge boy or girl?

The 3 c’s: casual; classy; and confident.

What inspired the latest collection?

The latest collection is inspired by Sydney’s street style as well as the streets of LA, New York, Tokyo and London. I travel to get inspiration from the cool kids all over the world but often my inspiration can come from a friend or stranger on the Northern Beaches.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

In the guys range I really love our range of Desert boots, Charlie / Johnno. And Sultan.. We really have this look covered at a range of pricepoints, and it’s going to be big for guys this winter. For girls the piece that is really on the money is our Initial ankle boot. Again this look is huge for girls this winter and I am really happy with the way this one turned out. It’s hot!

Do you have a favorite trend you’re shopping this season?

Not really! I leave that to the young blokes but I keep a close eye on the colour’s and styles I see in retail and I am really into the rust, burgandy and muted blue and green colours I am seeing about and also some of the patterns I am seeing on shirting is interesting. Footwear trends are interesting and it seems that the really switched on guys are starting to look away from vulcunised and towards a more formal shoe, like a derby or a desert boot. For girls I really love all the variations of the ankle boots I am seeing and the way they can be worn with so many different looks.

Who’s your style icon?

No one specific …I look at different people from all walks of life for inspiration ….
EG …In the surf world I really like Matt Wilkinson’s sense of style, he is confident, embraces trends and steps away from the norm, and usually carries it off.

What is your favourite Winter pastime?

I’m a Snow nut … so anytime I can spend on the mountains is a definite plus …. Teaching the kids has given me a new inspiration of hitting the hills!!!

What is your go-to look coming into Winter?

I don’t complicate things too much, jeans or chinos, plain tee and warm shirt or knitwear if it’s cold. And I will be wearing my Urge Desert Boots that’s a given.

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