Taj Burrow Takes Out The Quiksilver Pro 2012

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posted by Kate McCart

Congratulations Taj Burrow for securing his third Quiksilver Pro title on the weekend taking him to the top of the ASP Men’s Tour world rankings.

The Gold Coast has been good to Taj. He has won at Snapper Rocks in 2001, 2010, was a finalist behind Kelly Slater last year, and now has beaten the pack one more time to set up his world title campaign in perfect fashion.

The crowds on the final day at Snapper Rocks were mostly Brazilian, a throng cheering passionately for their beloved “Minierinho”, Adriano De Souza.
But Burrow dug deep, went high, went low and did everything required to pip Minierinho at the post – a little revenge on the man who got the better of him in his home waters last year.

“When I found myself against Adriano, I was really nervous because he got me in Final in Brazil last year,” explained Taj. “He’s really tough and I don’t like competing against him to be honest. There was a lot of weight on my shoulders in that Final so it’s pretty rewarding to come out on top. “I’ve been going for the ASP World Title for a while now… I don’t know what to say. I just want to surf my best and hope that the rest falls into place. I love Bells. I love throwing on a full wetsuit and doing some big arcs in the Bells Bowl.”

That much Taj is certainly capable of. He has won at Bells. He has also won in Brazil – the Tour’s next two stops.Burrow for world champ? We’d like to see that!

A huge congrats to all the competitors who put on an awesome show the past 10-12 days!