Blogger Diary. Coachella Day 2 Music Round Up.

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posted by Kate McCart

Saturday, the second day of Coachella is up! Yesterday saw the likes of some of my personal favourites – AWOLNATION, Kaiser Cheifs, Mt Eden, Martin Solveig, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Guetta, Kasabian, Feist, Miike Snow, Bon Iver, Kaskade, Radiohead and last but definitely not least Sub Focus.

To avoid heat stroke, we headed in a little later; I’m guessing it was a cool 35 degrees when we got in… Clearly not cool! We decided to hit up the Ferris Wheel first thing – The quintessential Coachella sunset image. From up the top there is a breathtaking view to enjoy; you could see the entire Coachella set up and the rolling mountains behind. It made me realise how truly isolated this location is. It was a view that I will never forget.

After the ride, we went straight to the drinks tents to hydrate our poor bodies. One of the only things that I didn’t love about Coachella is that you have to go into certain caged areas to drink, which means you can’t get amongst the other ragers closer to the stage with a drink in your hand. Something that became increasing apparent is that the drinks area is the perfect place to meet rad people. In here we met an American guy called Alex who had fallen in love with a Canadian girl called Alice… They were planning on heading to Vegas to elope, how crazy is that! These guys were so much fun to chat to, we decided to head out and watch Martin Solveig & then Sebastian Ingrosso together. Martins hit song ‘Hello’ went off! Followed by Sebastian’s pulsating rave in the Sahara tent – The ultimate kick start for my afternoon.

We left our new friends at that and went into get some pizza, meeting yet another group of cool people. This time it was Londoners Georgia & Nadine. They convinced us to go and watch Flying Lotus – a DJ who I had never heard of. So we caught a bit of that and then hurried over to watch David Guetta in the tent next door. Clearly we were not going to miss him, especially because Usher had jumped on stage with him the weekend before! I loved being amongst the overflowing crowd as he pumped out tunes that everyone could sing along to, as well as some awesome remixes of Gotye and Aviici. We couldn’t stay for the entire set as we had somewhere to be – Bon Iver.

As night fell, the main stage saw the hushed beauty of Bon Iver. Bon Iver is just magical as he delivers one of the most consistent performances of the day. Justin Vernon the lead singer had shaved his head – You would have noticed if you were lucky enough to get up close and personal, or thanks to the massive TV screens, if you were one of the hundreds like me chilling on the grass. When Skinny Love began, the crowd erupted. Everyone enthusiastically pulled themselves from grass and moved forward to get closer to the stage. His voice, coupled with the location made this my favourite Coachella experience so far.

Another day is over, can’t wait for tonight’s line up … It’s going to be insane!