Blogger Diary. Coachella Day 3 Music Round Up.

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posted by Kate McCart

The final day of Coachella 2012 was once again stifling hot. As we made our way to the main stage we could hear Santigold blasting out tunes from her latest album Master Of My Make Believe. Despite the heat, Santigold managed to draw a huge crowd in the 40-degree heat…one of only a few that could.

As the sun began to set, it was the perfect backdrop to The Weeknd’s soulful, baby-making music and the crowd went nuts. On the big screen we could see a young lady openly weeping, whilst there were even reports of fans holding up their panties in the air.

Rushing over to the Mojave tent, we managed to enjoy the last few songs of Gotye’s performance. Engaging the audience in a sing-along with everybody’s favourite “Somebody That I Used To Know”, he powered through popular songs from his Making Mirrors album. Unfortunately, after hearing the knockout, the crowd had gotten their fix and began to file out.

I, along with thousands of others had high hopes for Girl Talks set, and he certainly exceeded all expectations. It was clear that front man, Gregg Gillis’ had an appetite for upbeat rap and pop, as he created a 45 minute set of sing along bliss! His music captivates the audience with his creation of new supergroups – Bruce Spingsteen fronting N.E.R.D is just one example. He did not need a hologram to keep the audience’s attention.

Gillis, must lose 10 kgs each set he plays, as he enters the stage in trackies and a hoodie and never, and I mean never stops to take a break from head banging and dancing like a raver.
Enjoyed this set from start to finish, he was one of the highlights of our Coachella experience.

Next on our hit list was the amazing and enchanting Florence & The Machine. An all time favourite of mine, she did not disappoint. At one point dedicating a song “Rabbit Heart” to the ladies. “This is for the ladies,” she stated. “I want to see girls on shoulders. Be strong, boys”. And just as we were about to leave the stage to secure a good position for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, we were confronted with hit “Dog Days Are Over.”

After hearing reports from the first weekend expectations were high for headlining act Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, featuring the hologram of Tupac. With guest appearances by 50 cent and Eminem the performance was definitely a must-see. The perfect end to Coachella 2012!

Coachella 2013 here we come!