Penny Man.

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posted by Kate McCart

Oh, man. How great is it when you learn something cool? Watch this and learn the story behind Penny Skateboards, and their founder Ben Mackay. This brings us back to the dream days of childhood!

“From a young age skateboarding has inspired me and influenced every area of my life. Here I am at the age of 5 on my first ever plastic skateboard. I asked dad to move the Kingswood out of the garage so I could make this kicker ramp. I got my board second hand, and painted it blue with gold pinstripes. I thought it was the badest thing ever. Once I conquered the garage, I started bombing hills. It was terrifying, it was exhilarating, it was bliss. Almost 30 years on I realized it was time, time to bring that little plastic board back, and back for good. “

Ben Mackay