Blogger Diary. Bienvenue à Paris!

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posted by Nick

There is a fairly inexpensive, incredibly fast and surprisingly comfortable train that runs from Bayonne, France to the capital; Gay Paris. Coincidentally, this train is only 15 minutes away from SurfStitch’s Europe’s headquarters – so last week we took a trip up north to explore this wonderful city!

You’ve all heard about the famous TGV right? ‘Le Train à Grande Vitesse’, simply translated to ‘High Speed Train’ and high speed it is at 320kmph. This is the French high speed train network. There are three distinct areas you go through on the train from Bayonne to Paris. Firstly, Le Landes, the biggest pine forest in Europe, followed by the Bordeaux, a world famous red wine region with spectacular views of lavish green vineyards that stretch to the horizon, and finally the area from Bordeaux to Paris with its sunflower fields, ancient agricultural architecture, and the odd cliff face with views to make you melt.

Arriving in Paris late on Friday night, blurry-eyed and tired we couldn’t wait to check out the beautiful architecture and scenery the following day. Staying close to the Arc De Triomphe, we were in walking distance to some of the most historical spots in Paris.

Day 1

First on our hit list was one of the best shopping spots France has to offer, the Champs Elysees. It’s safe to say the girls were super excited to hit this amazing fashion district. Next stop – the outer areas of Paris, to check out the markets, and get what was promised…the best falafel in all of France! Let’s just say, we were not disappointed. Next was the Louvre, too see the famous Mona Lisa! And as the day grew old, we retired for a quick siesta – and prepared for our picnic under the Eiffel Tower that evening.

Day 2

Friday was the day, up early and ready to get our tourist on. We ate croissants and drunk ‘Cafe’ – the caffeine amping us up even more for the great day that lay ahead. Montmartre, St Germain, The Jewish and Latin quarters all ticked off our list.
Before we knew it, our trip was over. Thank you Paris…for the great times.