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As Channel Islands will tell you, “DFR” doesn’t stand for Dane’s Fred Rubble. It stands for Dane Freaking Reynolds. It’s no secret that everything Dane touches turns to gold (signature models included). Wasn’t too many kids who, for a time, weren’t riding either a Dumpster Diver or a very similar mould. Then came the chop-tailed Neckbeard and, more recently (and more outlandishly), the Sperm Whale. But Dane’s newest surfboard is a little closer to his first board (the Proton), in that it’s an all-round shortboard.

“Slightly wider forward with just the right amount of flip in the tail,” says Channel Islands. “Which makes for a fast and forgiving board that handles the biggest of airs to the hardest of carves. The bottom is predominately single concave and features an aggressive flip in exit rail rocker. With a single concave and a full rail, Dane chooses to ride his at his own height.” Which, if you’re interested, is 6’0″ x 19″ x 2 3/8″.

The DFR blossoms in knee-high to overhead waves, especially when ridden by an intermediate or expert surfer.