Some Terrific Surfing!

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posted by Stab

It is always a pleasant start to the day when waves are ridden well.  Sometimes, you, yourself, don’t get waves – but you watch others ride and you can imagine you are them.  We believe that that is almost as good a feeling as surfing yourself.  Such transportation and creativity!  Such mental strength and desire!!  We have got two clips for you today, all very good, all capable of moving you to a place you’d much rather be.  Disappear from the bland, and reappear in the grand!  Watch and listen!

Noa Deane’s surfing is reminiscent of a lot of things, but somehow very unique as well (which is a little rare these days – such interpretation and invention!). These clips are from a “I wouldn’t go out” session at D’bah, where Noa lives, before he headed to the US of A for a stint. Windblown chop to some, a skatepark to others. Noa finds the latter. If you wanna, check out his site, here.

This here clip is a who’s who of Euro stars, old and young – Benjamin Sanchis, Dimitri Ouvré, Ramzi Boukhiam, Alain Riou, Marc Lacomare, and Patrick Beven.  And, they score cooking waves in the Mentawais! So ah, *insert appropriate name here*, how would you feel about a tropical boat cruise this August?

So there you have it!  Two clips, embedded for your viewing pleasure.  Watch away, pals!