Kustom Airstrike: Webisode 1

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posted by Stab

Webisode One of the highly-anticipated Kustom Airstrike trip has been sent live.  It certainly is not a let-down, and it is certainly worth a view.  Y’don’t believe us?  Click play.  And, watch out for John John’s atmospheric backside reverses.  And, watch out for Chris ‘Chippa’ Wilson’s turbo-speed, stalefish spins.  And, watch out for Matt Meola’s flat-landed full-roters.  And watch out for Ryan Callinan’s Kerrupt flips.  And, watch out for Albee Layer’s sizzled-out, inverted rotations.  Actually, watch out for every second, for this is a clip that keeps you on the tip of your toes.  Please, press play.  This is better than your average, and we’d hate for you to miss it.