Unreal 24 Hours

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posted by Stab

The last 24 hours has been great.  A+ clips are dropping everywhere, and it is making your friends here, well, at least a little ecstatic.  Here are our top five!  Oh, and they ain’t in order.  

Sterling Spencer certainly has a knack for getting inside people’s heads. For those who dig his humour, this may be some of his best work. In this ep of Hi, How Are You? Sterling overdubs Occy’s crowd mingling, Mick Fanning’s warm-up routine, and manages to get some of his own surfing in. And, it’s really, very good surfing.

Alex Gray, a relative unknown, packs some steam train barrels and has cross-shore sizzle to boot.  His most recent clip contains footage from down in the wave haven of Mexico, doesn’t it make you wanna book a flight?  Check out Alex’s site, Turkey Melthere.

Laurie Towner, in this modern age, is almost a media recluse.  He pops up every so often but makes no attempt to hustle society and online portals.  Every so often we see him in the middle of a thick swell at well-known rhino-chasing spots, but lately he is been rather silent.  However, he appears!  Here Laurie is surfing near his home, at an almost Box-esque slab that he has absolutely dialled.  This vid is cut by Caleb Graham really well, we love it!

One of the better trailers we have seen, ( Chromatic ), is a new film from Analog, featuring Chippa Wilson and Nathan Fletcher, directed by auteur Riley Blakeway. Stylistically, it’s the unofficial evolution of Chippa and Riley’s last venture, NOW, with equal parts of brave dog/air beast Nathan and wizard/technician Chippa. Filmed over the course of a year in Australia, California, France, Fiji, Central America and Hawaii, this is our first peek of what’s to come in September. If this trailer doesn’t have you pumped both to go surfing and for the movie itself, not much else will. Between Nathan storming through Cloudbreak and Chopes, and Chippa’s roters/airdrops/bigspins, we’re expecting hammers from opening to end.

Have you heard of Kai Otton?  He has got an aerial game!  Riding small, fun-looking waves may not be the best training for Chopes but it is productive none the least.  And fun!  Y’seen turns like the ones at clips-end? We haven’t seen many.

Now tell us you didn’t enjoy that!  It was great, wasn’t it!