Less is NOT more: statement accessories

  • Style
posted by Kate McCart

We’ve all looked into our crowded, overflowing wardrobes and complained of the ever-present issue: NOTHING to wear. This is generally a first world problem arising between seasons, that adds to the complete confusion of many men in our lives.

Fear not: there is an answer – a discovery which can improve the appearance of an outfit already worn. The accessory. The bigger, brighter and BOLDER; the better. Use stacked bracelets, bangles, or oversized cuffs to add some edge to a light sweater or blazer.

Better yet, why not couple bangles and basic colour palettes with a punch of colour from the oversized clutch? What was a flat or pre-worn outfit becomes an eye-catching spring ensemble. Throw in some neon on two-tones and get ready to be noticed.


 For something a bit more unique, re-vamp your favourite heels with chunky anklets, or embellish collared shirts with collar clips!

Nicole Ritchie is taking chunky accessories by storm with her label House of Harlow. Below is the House of Harlow Open Weave Horn Cuff. For a more vintage feel, check out Lindi Kingi’s latest collection on SurfStitch.