Wilko, Droid, Creed, and pals.

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posted by Stab

Oo-wee!  There are some fun clips emerging of late!  Take a gander at the following.

Firstly.  Just before the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach, Matty ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson  cruised through the Mentawais.  And scored a lotta lefts.  Isn’t it grand seeing the jester letting loose in decent waves!  We much prefer that then seeing unreached potential in below-par, contest slop.  It’s so great, and riveting!  More at Out2Brunch.

Secondly.  West Oz and Orange County couldn’t be more different, really. But they both feature in this Matt Tromberg clip. As do Andrew ‘Droid’ Doheny, Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster and Daniel Shea. This is kinda excellent! It’s long and full of good stuff. Waste some time watching it then go surfing.