Kolohe Andino and Nick Rozsa!

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posted by Stab

Kolohe Andino’s been land-striken with an ankle injury for a little over two months now. You might’ve forgotten how amazingly the kid surfs (but probably didn’t). This clip, from Lost, should serve as a very good reminder. It was filmed around San Clemente in June, just before Kolohe hurt himself. There’s some really amazing combos in here. We really hopes to see Mr. Andino back in the brine real soon.

Did you know that, after taking a magnificent coke dive, Nick Rozsa boomerang’d with a digital triumph in the form of Homegrown? Neither did we! Until we read Stab Magazine Issue 59’s bio of Rozsa that is. He and filmer/editor, Chris Papaleo, dominated online for some time with the series, and have now launched a new clip set in the form of Harvest. Above is Harvest Y, but you can check out Harvest X here and keep your eyes glued here for Harvest Z.

Oh, and here’s a Salty Beards clip from Mexico.