SurfStitch's Birthday Bash!

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posted by Kate McCart

As you may know, September is our birthday month, and this month has been a whirlwind of celebrations, sales and giveaways! The staff have had lots of fun with SurfStitch’s 4th birthday, particularly on Wednesday the 19th – the day we celebrated and drew our Big Brand Birthday Giveaway on live video!

We gave away eight massive prizes over eight hours, and to make it interesting, we announced each lucky winner (every hour on the hour) on live video, with lots of laughs and entertainment. The challenge for entrants was to wish us a creative happy birthday. We had so much fun reading them – here are the best!

Winner #1 won a $300 West wardrobe, announced by Tam and Taegan from our Marketing team. The winning answer was a creative poem about SurfStitch! Watch it here.

Winner #2 won two pairs of Otis Sunglasses worth over $380, announced by Cheryl from accounts and our Project Manager, Roslyn. They also used a rhyme about us to snag the prize. Watch it here.

Winner #3 won a $500 Volcom wardrobe, announced by our Content Manager, Josh and Kia from our Marketing team. The winning answer was a hilarious SurfStitch themed rendition of Alan’s famous speech from comedy film ‘The Hangover’! Josh plays the part well in the reading – watch it here.

Winner #4 won a Billabong Family Pack worth over $1400, announced by Yolanda from HR and Evan from Returns. The creative winning answer was based on the “Happy Little Vegemites” song with a SurfStitch-twist! Watch it here.

Winner #5 won a $500 Hurley wardrobe, announced by Dajana and Sophia from Content. The winning birthday wish was a romantic plea from the boyfriend to win the prize for his SurfStitch-loving girlfriend. Watch it here and I assure you you’ll go “awwww”!

Winner #6 won a $300 Roxy Wardrobe and a $300 Quiksilver Wardrobe, announced by Dave from Customer Service and our receptionist, Casey. The winning answer was yet another creative SurfStitch rhyme! Watch it here.

Winner #7 won a $500 Rusty mens and a $500 Rusty womens wardrobe, and was announced by Lisa and Hugh from the Warehouse. The winning answer was a list of ‘Happy Birthday’ in 25 different languages, which we then attempted to read out. The attempts were hilarious – watch them here!

Winner #8 (the final and grand prize winner) received a $500 Ripcurl mens wardrobe, a $500 Ripcurl womens wardrobe, a travel pack worth $336 and a watch and sunnies pack worth $430! This massive prize was announced (screamed) by a big group of staff from all departments, and the answer was a beautiful poem that we felt represented SurfStitch perfectly. Watch all the fun here!

A big day, some great prizes, and some even greater staff and fans getting involved made our birthday special and lots of fun! Check out our Facebook page to keep up with all of our craziness!

Until next year…