Two West Australian's Wave-Riding.

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posted by Stab

Agree or choose not too, but for us?  Bali is still kinda, sorta, nothing short of paradise.  Jay Davies has been over there, and has been clocking up some serious time up at the wave-haven of Keramas (can you blame him?).  Wyatt Davies (yes, Jay’s bro) has been filling up the memory cards of Shane Dawson’s camera, and has edited them into a fantastic clip.  Give in to temptation and hit play.  You tell us, 0:46, is that one of the best airs of the year?

Taj Burrow, being the travelling fiend that he is, doesn’t spend all that much time at home.  When he does, however, it is always a very pleasant union.  In this clip he is joined by good pal, Pipe Master and commentator, Jake Paterson.  This session, based on a right very close to Taj’s pad, has all the thrills that we could want from a surf session: a late drop, a decent tunnel opportunity, a cutback section (or time to catch your breath), and for the air hooligans?  The odd sand-bottomed ramp.  Oh, and for us?  This clip has all the thrills mentioned previously, and a couple o’ spills.  Ain’t that grand?  Punch play.