Kelly Slater Wins!

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posted by Stab

Kelly Slater just beat Dane Reynolds in the final of the Quiksilver Pro, France. La Graviere was beyond splendid, Dane beat John Florence in the first semi, Kelly beat Joel Parkinson in the second, and the final rolled out. And, Kelly got it done. His first win in France, ever, which is hard enough to believe in itself. “Maybe I should go into it thinking I can’t win,” said Kelly before the event started. “And see what happens.”

Photo by Rabejac.

Not only did Kelly add his 51st WT victory to his list, but he also moves himself into second on the world tour rankings (with Joel Parkinson moving into second). But, the Floridian knows exactly what’s up with the ratings. “If I didn’t get past Parko today, it was really gonna put a lot of pressure back on me,” said Kelly. Oh Portugal, you can’t come soon enough.”