How To: Beach Babe Waves

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posted by Kate McCart

While we all dream of leaving the beach, only to find out that our hair has transformed into that of a beachy bombshell, swimming in the ocean is unfortunately (for most of us) not enough! Instead of coming home a beach bombshell, we sometimes end up with hair that resembles an afro.

We’ll show you how to create those slightly messy, hot beach waves overnight – without the use of the ocean, a hot iron or a hairdresser! Check out our inspiration, then follow our easy steps to achieve the look. We’ll have you thinking maxi dresses, long summer nights and sunkissed skin in no time!

Now that we’re inspired, take a look at how it’s done!

Step 1: After having washed your hair, thoroughly coat it with salt spray – many haircare brands will carry this product at your local supermarket. Alternatively, you can create your own; using water, salt, a drop of coconut oil and a squeeze of lemon!

Step 2: Plait or braid your wet hair – keep in mind that the size of your plaits will determine the size of your waves. My opinion is the bigger the better. One big plait will do for longer hair, and you can also create 2 smaller braids near your face for wavy bangs!

Step 3: Cover braids in salt spray, making sure to coat your hair evenly again.

Step 4: Go about your night and have a great nights sleep!

Step 5: Time to finish off the look! Your hair should now be dry. Spray salt spray a few more times, and then regardless of whether or not your hair is still damp, grab a hair dryer and pass it over your braids for 5 or so minutes.

Step 6: Wait until your hair has completely cooled down, and then take out the braid/s using your fingers. Do not brush or comb your hair. This adds to the messy/ just-left-the-beach look!

Step 7: Lightly spray salt again, and VOILA! You have created sexy beach waves overnight, with minimal effort. Add a headpiece or flower for extra effect.

Now that you have the boho beach waves, make sure you pair them with an appropriately matched beach outfit. Try some of the below from SurfStitch!

You could go with a cute beach dress that’s either bright or plain white…

1. Spare Swing Dress – Burnt Sienna. 2. 2 Chillies Tiered Singlet Dress – White. 3. Minkpink Contiki Tunic Dress – Multi.

Or straight for the printed bikini and cute beach shorts!

1. Billabong Mystique Boardshort – Moonlight. 2. Tigerlily Sun Tara Separate Top – Eastern Pink. 3. Minkpink Maya Bra Bikini – Multi.