Busy Day!

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posted by Stab

“While everybody was at Maui’s gem H-Bay, Clay was happy elsewhere,” says the collection of words laying just beneath Clay Marzo’s latest clip. “This is a session at home from September.” And, what a session. Such quick spins into that wind!  First of four clips, so scroll on down, friends!

It’s really not that hard to see why Mick Fanning surfs so well and why he loves going back home so much. Snapper Rocks, thanks. “Had a dream week at home before heading over to Santa Cruz,” says Mick. “Nothing like a good swell on the Gold Coast points to get you psyched on surfing.”

Do you like Brett Simpson? We do too!  Make no mistake – this man has one of the tour’s best frontside spins. He’s also a true sportsman. These clips were logged in Cali and Australia and are a whole bunch of fun. If Simpo’s your kinda guy, this is your jam.  That turn at 0:37, so violent, so strong!

In Dillon Perillo’s episode of Rip Curl’s Rubber Souls series, he goes to Namibia, then gets barreled on a right. There’s some really excellent waves in this clip.

Oh, and you know the Oneill Cold Water Classic is on at the moment?  Follow this link!